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Bhavna Tokekar the 47-YO mother of two, wins 4 GOLD MEDALS in the Open Asian Power Lifting Championship

Wife of the Indian Air Force fighter Pilot and mother of two teenagers; 47-years-old Bhavna Tokekar won FOUR Gold Medals at the Open Asian Power Lifting Championship held in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Bhavna Tokekar enjoying her forties, recently won FOUR Gold Medals in Open Asian Power Lifting Championship held at Chelyabinsk, Russia, proving that “Age is […]

Change your VIBRATIONS and you can change your DESTINY – Sensei Sandeep Desai

“You can raise the level of your VIBRATIONS by two secret mantras. First by changing the surrounding environment and second by nurturing a good thought process” says Sensei Sandeep Desai the Master of T’ai Chi, Yoga and Martial Arts. Sensei Sandeep Desai have pursued advanced training of Chen Style T’ai Chi in Singapore under the […]

Utkarsh 2022: the ‘Three Year Roadmap’ finalized by The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Utkarsh 2022: the ‘Three Year Roadmap’ by The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to improve regulation and supervision, among other functions of the central bank. This medium term strategy finalized by the RBI is in-line with the Global standards. In order to strengthen the regulatory and supervisory mechanisms, the central banks all over the world, formulate a medium term […]

The SUPER-30 MAN; ANAND KUMAR – It’s all about the REAL one inside

Anand Kumar, the Indian Educationalist and Mathematician from Patna, Bihar, provides IIT-JEE coaching to the underprivileged students, under his programme- The SUPER-30. Since its inception in 2002, 422 of 480 students of his SUPER-30 had made to the IIT’s until 2018 Anand Kumar, the son of a Clerk in Postal Department faced financial crisis from […]

Why Raja Ravi Varma is regarded as the GODFATHER of Indian Painting Art?

Raja Ravi Varma, the GODFATHER of Indian painting art, famous for his lithographs and oleographs, was the first in history to give human characters to Indian Gods and Goddesses, beautifying them with the amalgamation of Indian tradition and European academic art. History books depict the pictures of Gods and Goddesses inspired from stone sculptures and […]

The Success Story of Pranjal Patil- India’s first visually-impaired IAS Officer

Pranjal Patil from Ulhasnagar, was born with a weak eye-sight. She completely lost her vision at the age of 6. She is now the Assistant Collector of Ernakulam district of Kerala; being India’s first visually impaired female IAS officer. Pranjal Patil completed her Bachelors in Political Science from St. Xavier’s College and Masters in International […]

“Politics Unplugged”, on “Social Media Celebs”, with Guest of Honor; Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri.

As politics go unplugged on the third episode of “Social Media Celebs”, the Guest of Honor; Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri roars out #TheRightToTruth, with his fierce, intellectual, bold, blunt and unbiased notions on Socio Political Transformation of society. Bollywood director, author, social-activist and a staunch devotee of mother-land, Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri with his quick wit and […]

Extreme exposure to ELECRTONIC SCREENS causing Health Risks in Children

This is the era of Artificial intelligence; SMART MOMS are producing ELECTRONIC KIDS and MOBILE PHONES are the new baby sitters. Prolonged smart-phone usage is causing ailments like strabismus, childhood blindness, cataract surgeries, glaucoma, insomnia, intraocular trauma, obesity and Screen Dependency Disorder in children at an alarming rate. The above photographs represent three kids from […]

Vivek Agnihotri’s “The Tashkent Files” felicitated by IFTDA-the most prestigious director’s guild. What an Honor!

What an Honor! Director, producer and filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri felicitated for his critically acclaimed “The Tashkent Files” by IFTDA-the most prestigious director’s guild. Four times National Award winner Madhur Bhandarkar and Sriram Raghvan presented the trophy of honor; followed by a roar of applause and a long-standing ovation. “We feel proud that our esteemed […]

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