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A drought-prone village emerges as a model village for the entire nation

Imagine a village which is has been a drought prone village for approx 17+ years, hardly 200-300 mm rainfall in entire season. As a result there may be poverty, hunger, unemployment, no quality education, no supply for drinking water of for irrigation. People started leaving the village for better opportunity, and those who were left […]

Why do we outrage?

The globalised internet world is going through a major transformation. If one believes the statistics, more than half of the population of the world is going to become depressed by 2020. Statistics may not be accurate but it truly is an indicator of the phenomenon. Fear, conflict, outrage, dissatisfaction, anger and isolation are the most […]

Are you creative?

Finding Buddha -2 In the first part of this series I discussed how our life is a constant struggle and how ‘Creative Thinking’ can help us sail through this struggle. Before we understand ‘Creative Thinking’, we need to understand what is creative and what is not creative. We all are born as ‘creative’ individuals. It’s a […]

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