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Let’s LIVE on earth even after DEATH! Pledge to donate on this Organ Donation Day!

A single donor can save 8 lives by donating life-saving organs and heal 100 lives by donating tissue. Don’t burn or burry them. Pledge to donate on this Organ Donation Day and LIVE AFTER DEATH! Which organs can be donated? Kidney, Lungs, Heart, Eye, Liver, Pancreas, Cornea, Small Intestine, Skin tissues, Bone tissues, Heart valves […]

The Success Story of Pranjal Patil- India’s first visually-impaired IAS Officer

Pranjal Patil from Ulhasnagar, was born with a weak eye-sight. She completely lost her vision at the age of 6. She is now the Assistant Collector of Ernakulam district of Kerala; being India’s first visually impaired female IAS officer. Pranjal Patil completed her Bachelors in Political Science from St. Xavier’s College and Masters in International […]

Harvest the Rainwater and have a Happy Monsoon! Save WATER to save EARTH!

Raindrops are dancing on mother earth and the showers from the eternal blue sky quench the thirst from the scorching summer. Monsoon have arrived fully-fledged showering its bliss from the heavens. Why not harvest the rainwater; keep it all year long and have a HAPPY MONSOON? Where two consecutive weak monsoons have severely affected 330 […]

It’s never too late to RISE: A story of a girl from house wife to an IAS officer

There is a proverb in Gujarati – सपना उगी निकडे तो वाव्या कहवाय, नहिंतर डटाया कहवाय means your dreams are dreams only when they come true else they were actually never belonged to you. Today I feel delight to share a success story of such a determined, passionate, committed and visionary lady; who not only […]

Who defines you?

“You are so mean….”  “You are so selfish…” “You are so ambitious…” “You are lazy…” “You are a bigot… “ ‘You are a misogynist….” “Bloddy, ferminist….” “You are materialistic…” “You are workaholic…”   There is no dearth of labels in our world. There is no moment in our lives when we are not being labelled […]

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