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Indian Politics: The Great Indian Political Theatre

Yesterday 2018 Vidhansabha elections result declared and I thought of a movie title – Rama Rama Kya he Drama released in 2008. Well, that movie has nothing to do with the election or politics or results, but the title of the movie is, according to me, most suitable one for the present phenomenon of Indian […]

Vivek Agnihotri’s car attacked by the student wing of Cong...

“My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.” – Adlai Stevenson (31st Governor of Illinois and United Nations ambassador 1961- 1965) Above is the line having much depth in meaning; I recall this line because recently I came across an incident where a public intellectual has to […]

Why not voting or NOTA can never solve problems of our democ...

Today is the Election Day. A huge number of people are going to decide the fate of governance, policy and socio-economic- political fate in their states. I travel extensively and keep in touch with people I meet. For last few months everyone is discussing politics and I am sure for next few months, leading to […]

Indian woman – Sati or Shakti?

Indian Woman plays the most important part in our society yet she is the most ignored member of our society. It’s entirely our choice whether we want to see Sati with pity or celebrate her as Shakti.

Why Kanhaiya is not a youth icon

By calling him an youth icon, you are insulting millions of Indian youth/students who at this very moment are studying hard and getting prepared to create wealth and repay their motherland by getting her Azadi from poverty and ‘traders of poverty’.

What is causing Modi wave?

In the summer of 1989, with few childhood friends, I was camping in a jungle near Bhopal. We were lying on cots under a peepal tree, looking at the skies, fighting last night’s hangover. Few birds were flying. My friend, Pawan, like Bond, took out his air gun and shot a bird. Excited with adventurism, […]

20 Reasons Why Modi is Divisive.

Since 2002 the entire political discourse has been centred around 2 issues. Corruption in UPA govt and to cover that up Congress played 2002 card calling BJP’s most popular leader Narendra Modi, divisive. It’s another issue that Modi’s increasing popularity has started dividing UPA and Congress. “Modi is fascist.” “Modi is majoritarian.” “Modi is a […]

The role of Baba Ramdev in 2014

Electoral politics is that ‘zone’ of Maths which only people on drugs can understand. While everyone debates between Modi and Congress, I found this zone in two people. One, Arvind Kejriwal, which is no surprise. But my second Zone is surprisingly, Baba Ramdev. When you mention Ramdev, the urban educated elite and NRI’s start to […]

An Open Letter To Sonia Gandhi

Dear Sonia (ji), I was utterly confused, perhaps, as confused as the protocol officers of all embassies, as to how I should address you. Her highness? Madam President (of INC)? Her Excellency? Her Imperial Majesty? or like they say in Italy ‘Honourable‘? First Lady? Who is our first lady btw? Ms. Mukherjee or Ms. Gursharan […]