Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri – A typical day in Indian Media


Journo: Answer me…
Respondent: Answer what?
J: My question.
R: But what’s your question?
J: Are you running away from me?
R: if I had to run away why would I be here?
J: Don’t lie you traitor. You are running away. I am a journalist, answer my tough questions.
Respondent: Yes sir. But you can ask the same question in a civil manner.
J: Are you going to teach me my job?
R: All I am saying is that you ask anything as long as you don’t scream.
J: Don’t avoid my question?
R: But what’s your question?
J: Stop these games with me. WHY CANT I ASK TOUGH QUESTIONS?
R: of course you can. Please do.
J: don’t tell me what should I do and shouldn’t. Come on, answer.
J: why are you silent? Are you running away from my tough question?
R: but what is your question?
J: how dare you ask me questions. It’s my job to ask TOUGH QUESTIONS.
R: Then please ask.
J: I’ll ask when I want to. Now ANSWER YOU TRAITOR.
R: Only if you let me speak…
J: Why are you silent? Are you guilty?
J: See viewers… are you watching? How they run away from my tough questions.
R: But what’s your question?
J: Take this person’s audio down. I can’t allow such people on my channel who murder our democracy. India won’t tolerate such people anymore. Keep watching India’s no 1 Channel. Because we ask tough questions.

The J gets TRP and money.
R gets money and exposure.
The audience gets __?

– Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri

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