Author: Vivek Agnihotri

Why do we need to help others?

Helping others is a natural phenomenon. Animals help each other. Tress help vines grow on them. Trees also help birds make nests in them. The non-human world co-exists by helping each other, in a systematic manner. As a design. It helps because it has to survive. It doesn’t mean they don’t kill each other. If […]

Why swinging helps you become more creative?

We are born with creativity. Have you seen any child who doesn’t create with natural materials like soil, sand, water, leaves etc. Every child imagines characters, situations, stories in his mind. Children are the most imaginative.  With time and worldly affairs, it starts taking a backseat. We are told to focus on practicality of life. […]

Why not voting or NOTA can never solve problems of our democ...

Today is the Election Day. A huge number of people are going to decide the fate of governance, policy and socio-economic- political fate in their states. I travel extensively and keep in touch with people I meet. For last few months everyone is discussing politics and I am sure for next few months, leading to […]

What is courage? – by Vivek Agnihotri

There are several definitions of courage. Many great people have defined courage. Here are few illustrations: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” — Nelson Mandela “It’s not the size of […]

Why ‘I don’t know’ is the only mantra to creativity?

I am also a part of this society. I am also trained to take pride in my knowledge. In a competitive world, the more we know the faster we grow. If we look at our life retrospectively, we will find that most of our life has been spent on showing off to people how much […]

What’s the root cause of violence in today’s India?

Yesterday, I was in Ahmedabad to speak at an event organised by Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and Indian Council for Historical Research on “The role of cultural history in the formation of the society”. There is no doubt that in our obsession with the political history we have committed the cardinal sin of ignoring our cultural […]

Why intent is the mother of everything?

I have learnt that intent is everything. Whatever happens in this universe is because of intention. Let me explain why.   Imagine if Humans had not seen dreams, didn’t have the intent to conquer, explore, discover and invent, we would have been living in caves. Someone saw a dream and chased it to actualise it. […]

Why your mind is your biggest enemy?

Anything exists only when our mind knows it exists. Whatever is happening anywhere is happening because our mind tells us so. At the centre of everything is our mind. We exist as long as our mind tells us so. When the mind stops, everything ends. Look at it like a film. We see a film […]

Who defines you?

“You are so mean….”  “You are so selfish…” “You are so ambitious…” “You are lazy…” “You are a bigot… “ ‘You are a misogynist….” “Bloddy, ferminist….” “You are materialistic…” “You are workaholic…”   There is no dearth of labels in our world. There is no moment in our lives when we are not being labelled […]

Why Jack, Barkha Dutt, Anna Vetticad and Co. are guilty of s...

Yesterday, hate manifested itself in a very vulgar manner through Jack Dorsey, the chief of Twitter and a global leader, who runs a social platform which once championed the cause of free speech. Then it changed the laws of the game and started suspending all those handles which spread hate and disinformation. “The company’s singular […]