Allergy is nothing but your broken relationship with your environment.

If you are not in sync with your immediate eco-circle, you will have allergies because you have broken an invisible relationship with it.


You don’t interact with the earth, it’s soil, the heat, cold, rain… you don’t walk bare feet on grass… on leaves… you don’t touch trees, you don’t swim in rivers and lakes… you don’t interact with any animal other than pet dogs and cats… you wake up much after the sunrise, you are hesitant to sit in the sun, you sleep much after sunsets, you do high energy work in low energy time and vice versa … since you have left the nature hence nature also leaves you. The symptoms are allergies, low energy and a constant fear of health. That’s why we end up experimenting with various kinds of diets etc. Why do we need it? We don’t if we are in complete sync with Mother Nature. Go, feel the soil, it will cure a lots of things in your life.

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