Author: Vivek Agnihotri

Who defines you?

“You are so mean….”  “You are so selfish…” “You are so ambitious…” “You are lazy…” “You are a bigot… “ ‘You are a misogynist….” “Bloddy, ferminist….” “You are materialistic…” “You are workaholic…”   There is no dearth of labels in our world. There is no moment in our lives when we are not being labelled […]

Why Jack, Barkha Dutt, Anna Vetticad and Co. are guilty of spreading hate and disinformation?

Yesterday, hate manifested itself in a very vulgar manner through Jack Dorsey, the chief of Twitter and a global leader, who runs a social platform which once championed the cause of free speech. Then it changed the laws of the game and started suspending all those handles which spread hate and disinformation. “The company’s singular […]

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