Why intent is the mother of everything?


I have learnt that intent is everything. Whatever happens in this universe is because of intention. Let me explain why.


Imagine if Humans had not seen dreams, didn’t have the intent to conquer, explore, discover and invent, we would have been living in caves. Someone saw a dream and chased it to actualise it. It’s because of his actualising that we moved forward to a new world, a better world. What was the starting point of that dream? Yes, the intent. Everything begins with the intent. Without an intent, it remains steadfast. Static. Still.  But the cosmos is dynamic. To be in sync with the cosmic reality, to grow and evolve at its pace we need intent. 


You must have heard the famous saying popularised by Paulo Cohelo and Shahrukh Khan that if you have an intent, the entire universe (kayanat) conspires to make it happen. That’s correct. Because when you throw your intent in the universe, it finds its wavelength and gets connected with a certain force which drives you to your dream.  Intent is the root of all creativity, all life, everything divine. 


Even Upanishad says “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”


Tatvam Asi meaning thou art that, also believes in the principle that we are part of the whole and the whole is within us. Like a transistor is nothing but a body of metal and plastic. It becomes transistor when it’s aligned with a certain frequency. Similarly, our life has no meaning unless its aligned with the whole and intent is that tuning power. 


Universe runs on our intentions. Intent is the life of universe. 


I have been able to achieve some insurmountable things with my focussed intention. I have learnt that it’s very important to articulate the intent very clearly in our mind, be fully aware of it and transmit it to the divine. Like we constantly keep tuning the transistor to sync with the right frequency, we need to constantly tune the intent to connect with the right universe. It may require a change of job, change of place, change of attitude, change of habits, change of your entire learnings. Intent and change are inseparable. Otherwise it just remains a desire. Mostly, an unfulfilled desire. 


Which is why you will find so many people arguing that they have very strong intention to do something but it never works. It doesn’t work because people don’t want to change or sacrifice what they have. For example, you intend to lose weight but you sleep late, wake up late… you still have the same friends who love to party… your family doesn’t know clearly what changes they need to make to help you… in your mind you are constantly thinking of food…. Your work doesn’t allow you to follow a healthy lifestyle… in such case, you can try as hard as you want, you won’t find success. Because you are not tuned to the universe that helps you lose wight and become healthy. 


Define your intent, don’t be ambiguous. Define things that stop you from actualising your dream. Make changes. Intent needs to be supported with will, change and self-belief. Without faith nothing happens. Faith moves mountains. 


So have an intent, have faith in that intent, change everything around you. Then become detached from it. Let the universe work out the details. Because an intent tuned with the dynamics of the universe will take you to success. 


Be willing. Be patient. Be #IAmBuddha

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