Vivek Agnihotri exposes Rahul Gandhi’s bundle of lies in Rafale


ऐसी बानी बोलिए, मन का आपा होय,

ओरन को शीतल करे, आपहु शीतल होय

God has given us two ears & only one mouth so we can listen more and speak less; and whatever we speak that too might be significant. But many of us fail to use tongue rationally and speak irrelevant, improper and bogus things. This can be expected and exempted when it comes to an ordinary common man; but what happens if the leader of opposition party publically lie and misguide the people?

Filmmaker, author and public intellectual Mr. Vivek Agnihotri rip apart the opposition leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi on his bundle of lies about the RAFALE deal. Watch out the full video here how Vivek repels all the lies uttered by Rahul Gandhi –

Vivek, in his video, busted out the lies of Rahul Gandhi with his logical & analytical proclamations.

Lie – 1: Twisted a French Media Report on RAFALE

Rahul in his speeches & tweets proclaimed that NDA government put a condition in this deal that the contract of all the offset work will be given to Reliance. He quoted that the ex-president of France is also involved in this.

After that the ex-president Hollande busted this statement of Mr. Rahul Gandhi and said that he wasn’t involved in this.

Then the CEO of Dassault Aviation, Mr. Eric Trappier released a statement that Dassault is free to do offset with any of the company; they also released a subsequent press release:

Reliance was just one part of that the entire process.

Lie – 2: Modi’s officer was punished for dissenting note on RAFALE

Rahul said that one of the senior people from defence ministry was sent on leave because he has raised question on the RAFALE deal, but then the official announcement was made that the official was on the education pre-planned tour and wasn’t sent to leave.

Lie – 3 Quid Pro Quo between Reliance & Hollande

Rahul imagined that Reliance invested money in an actress’s film, who is proclaimed to be a girl friend of ex-president of France Mr. Hollande so as to oblige him and get the contract; and he not only imagined this but also spread his imagination among people like a virus. This allegation is completely wrongs because one of the division of Reliance is a media & entertainment division which invest money into films across the globe, it is their job. When he was caught about his lie, he discontinued speaking this lie and gave birth to the new lie.

Lie – 4: Ex-French President called PM Modi a Thief

On this ridiculous act and foolish proclamation of Rahul Gandhi, the ex-French President immediately spoke on this that he was never compelled for anything; moreover he released a press note as beneath:

According to Hollande, it was their internal matter and fully their privilege to decide whom to give offset or not; Mr. Rahul Gandhi caught here too for his false statements and proclamations.


Lie – 5: Rahul Gandhi lied in the parliament:

Rahul Gandhi spoke lie in parliament too that he personally met Ex-French President and president told him that he has no objection if the details of the deal are being made public. Immediate after this statement of Rahul Gandhi, French Government released a statement that these all things are fictitious and all the details related to the deal are confidential; there is an agreement between both the governments that these details will not be made public; because it is a matter of national security.

Lie – 6: CCS was never consulted on the RAFALE deal

This was the crystal clear allegation made by Rahul Gandhi; As we can see in the video, Vivek Agnihotri reads out the official statement on this. Any contracts seek approval of the CCS before being executed. Despite of his party being in power for 60 years, these basic rules and protocols he has missed to look after before making an allegation.

Lie – 7: Rahul Gandhi said Eric Trappier is a Liar

Rahul Gandhi said that Eric is a liar; in an interview Eric cleared that he is sad with Rahul’s statement but as far as the RAFALE deal is concerned, it is very crystal clear deal.

The logical & analytical statements of Vivek Agnihotri have given us an idea how Mr. Rahul Gandhi has been trying to fool common people;

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