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Watch India First EP 11: Rahul Gandhi’s Congress and Imran Khan’s PTI; Enemy’s Enemy turn Friends?

Isn’t it Strange that Pakistan’s Media, Pakistan’s Parliament, Pakistan’s narrative Builders and Intellectuals; quote Rahul Gandhi, Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai; in their tweets, as if they are Buddies? Certain lobby lead by Congress party involving Media, Intellectuals, Liberals, and those calling themselves Ecosystem; are always searching for Loop-holes in Modi Government. They are always […]

Watch EP 17 & EP 18 – #BharatKiBaat – Pallavi Joshi

मातृ देवो भव। Indian Religion staunchly believes in the divine feminine energy surrounding the universe; in perfect equilibrium with enlightenment. The Carvings of Goddess, on Historical monuments, authenticate this belief. Watch EP 17 She is Diligent, Ingenious, Quick-witted, Team builder, Resource manager, Cost Cutter, Quality Controller, Negotiator, Recycling innovator, Nurturer and the CREATOR. She is […]

Watch EP 16 – Indian Equation of Science and Technology, with Pallavi Joshi in ‘Bharat Ki Baat’

‘प्रतीत्यसमुत्पाद’ the key principle of Buddhist Preaching stating ‘dependent origination’ i.e. “if this exists, that exists”. Science and Nature are counterparts. Acharya Vinoba Bhave said: “Politics and Religion are obsolete. The time has come for Science and Technology” The Indigenous, ‘Made in India’, Thermal Imaging Technology, that utilizes Quantum Dot Technology to sense and trap […]

Watch EP 15 #BharatKiBaat with Pallavi Joshi – The Indian Equation of ‘Science and Technology’

Light-years ago India mastered the amalgamation of Astrology, Astronomy and Mathematics. ‘जुग सहस्र जोजन पर भानू! ‘from Hanuman Chalisa: Yug=12,000years; Sahastra=1,000, Yojana= 8 miles and Bhanu=Sun. According to NASA, YugSahastraYojana equals Distance between Earth and Sun. Watch Video Central Scientific Instrument Organization, Chandigarh, have invented a Magical Instrument for Divyanga. ‘Divyanayan’ scans documents, converting text […]

Watch EP 14 – ‘The Nine Pillars of Digital India’, in ‘Bharat Ki Baat’ with Pallavi Joshi

‘Digital India’ an Indian Government initiative, with the motto “Power to Empower”, intents to: develop secure and stable digital infrastructure; deliver government services digitally and universal digital literacy. A tour to Digital India, with Pallavi Joshi in ‘Bharat ki Baat’ Nine Pillars of Digital India are: Broadband Highways Public Internet Access programs Information for everyone […]

Watch #BharatKiBaat EP-13 – ‘Startup India’ a Initiative to make India the Vishwaguru!

‘Startup India ‘: An Incubator Fostering ‘Startups’ to ‘Colossal Business’. Facilities like: Financial funding; first three years of Tax Free income; Patent security for innovative ideas; surplus facilities for female and a 90day closure for startup collapse. Have an Idea? Want to become an Entrepreneur? ‘Startup India’, a Government Flagship to transform an Idea to […]

Watch #IndiaFirst EP 10 – Rahul Gandhi’s Incompetent Political Tantrums, on ‘Rafale Deal Controversy’, Vivek Agnihotri

Rahul Gandhi throws Political Tantrums and Misleads Indian Citizen about ‘The Rafale Deal Controversy’. Does India want an inefficient, incompetent, imprudent leader with inadequate know-hows, to lead it? Watch: Political Controversy ‘The Rafale Deal’, related to the purchase of 36 multirole fighter aircrafts from Dassault Aviation in France; by Defense Ministry of India; costing approximately […]

EP-12 Mission ‘Skill India ‘and ‘Make in India’, in ‘Bharat Ki Baat’, with Pallavi Joshi

Inventing a Brick to ‘The Motif of Mangalyaan’, India have diligently voyaged the Journey of Innovative Creations. ‘Skill India’ and ‘Make in India’ are not just Missions; but, they are the ‘Art of living Life’! The objective of Mission ‘Skill India ‘is to develop Employment, Entrepreneurship and Self Confidence in Indian Youth. The objective of […]

Watch EP-13 Promo: ‘Indian Propagation of Startups’, in ‘Bharat Ki Baat’, with Pallavi Joshi

If this world is an Incubator of Ideas, India is its most Colossal and Progressive Startup. These Startups shall make India the Vishwaguru! The Genesis of Startups is ‘Made in India’. India have empowered the Startups. This is possible because of the intellect of Indian Citizens. Watch Promo here: Watch the whole episode of ‘Bharat […]

भारत माँ की पुकार – a tribute to #Pulwama Shaheeds by Vivek Agnihotri

शहीदों की भूमि हूँ मैंबलिदानो की धरती हूँसारे दुश्मन देखे मैंनेसारे आतंक झेले हैंहिंसा अहिंसा का संगम हूँ मैंहूँ युद्धों का मैदानमेरे दामन में है बसावीरों का श्मशानभारत हूँ मैं, माँ तेरीमैं ही तेरा भूतभविष्य और वर्तमानइसीलिए तो मेरे बेटेजब हो रहे थेचीथड़े मेरेऔर हुआ घोर अपमानतब तू ही तोपार्थ बनके आया थाऔ अपनी माँ […]

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