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“Politics Unplugged”, on “Social Media Celebs”, with Guest of Honor; Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri.

As politics go unplugged on the third episode of “Social Media Celebs”, the Guest of Honor; Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri roars out #TheRightToTruth, with his fierce, intellectual, bold, blunt and unbiased notions on Socio Political Transformation of society. Bollywood director, author, social-activist and a staunch devotee of mother-land, Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri with his quick wit and […]

Today, PM Modi unveiled the Statue of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri and launched BJP Membership Drive at Varanasi.

Today on the birth anniversary of the founder of BJP Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee the honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, unveiled the statue of India’s second Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri at Babatpur airport in Varanasi around 10:00am, followed by the launch of Mega plantation drive. At around 11:30am he launched @BJP4India’s MEMBERSHIP […]

Zero Poverty, Zero Corruption and Zero Terrorism! Reinventing ‘Zero’, with Vivek Agnihotri

India is a country of: Diversity, Tolerance and Total Acceptance. The phenomena to Reinvent ‘Zero’ is: Celebrating Merit and Excellence; Positive approach; Pride on Mother-land and a Confident Belief system. ‘Zero’ is India’s Gift to the World. Reinvent ‘Zero’ with Vivek Agnihotri at the 6th National Students Parliament 2019. Watch. What happened after Independence, that […]

“The Draupadi Saga and India’s Cultural Heritage” Pallavi Joshi in conversation with Sonal Mansingh

The Cultural Icon; Padma Vibhushan Sonal Mansingh narrates the story of most important female character from Hindu Epic ‘Mahabharata’; ‘DRAUPADI’. Projecting the perspective of a women, her grief, agony and anguish over the patriarchal society she epitomizes a bit of ‘Draupadi’ in every woman on earth. Awarded with Padma Bhushan-1992; Sangeet Natak Academy Award-1987; Padma Vibhushan-2003; Kalidas […]

‘INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM’ by Vivek Agnihotri at Bhartiya Vichar Manch, Surat.

Left wing v/s Right wing; Globalization v/s Nationalization; Culturism v/s Globalism whom are we fighting with? What is deteriorating the culture, literature, art and heritage of India? What is INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM? Awaken your soul and discover your Indian roots with Vivek Agnihotri. Are we becoming the puppets of Artificial Intelligence? Who is ruling our mind? […]

‘Indic Renaissance: Soft-Power to Leverage Economic Prosperity’ with Hari Kiran Vadlamani

Hari Kiran Vadlamani, a Social Entrepreneur and founder of Indic Academy, is on a mission to bring about an intellectual, cultural, and spiritual renaissance in India through Soft-power. “Soft power is the ability to attract and co-opt, rather than coerce” a concept coined down by Joseph Nye, the American Political Scientist and Professor of Harvard […]

Watch “The Tashkent Files” on this Historic Day, when Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri became the 2nd PM of India!

“On this day in 1964 Lal Bahadur Shastri became the 2nd Prime Minister of India. Watch #TheTashkentFiles this Sunday to know who were unhappy with this decision. #RightToTruth”- Vivek Agnihotri “There comes a time in the life of every nation when it stands at the cross-roads of history and must choose which way to go. […]

Bharat Ki Baat EP 26 : India Rising: Glimpse of the Real India! A tour to ‘Bharat ki Baat’ in finale episode.

Clouds of fake narratives, were building strong on the dignity of India, pointing loop-holes, from heart of the most colossal democracy. This gave birth to “Bharat ki Baat”, that urged to unravel the fact-files and show the glimpse of “The Real India” to citizens. We explored the vital fields like: economy, agriculture, water, energy, cleanliness, […]

#BharatKiBaat EP 25 – Children-Ignited minds building the future of Nation! with #PallaviJoshi

Children make 39% of Indian population. A bright student can become the bright future of nation. A new system of education, reinforcing foundations of the ignited minds at root level is mandatory in this technological era. Sustaining an equilateral balance in this fast pacing modern technological world, builds constant pressure on young innocent minds. The […]

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