Bharat Ki Baat EP 26 : India Rising: Glimpse of the Real India! A tour to ‘Bharat ki Baat’ in finale episode.


Clouds of fake narratives, were building strong on the dignity of India, pointing loop-holes, from heart of the most colossal democracy. This gave birth to “Bharat ki Baat”, that urged to unravel the fact-files and show the glimpse of “The Real India” to citizens.

We explored the vital fields like: economy, agriculture, water, energy, cleanliness, defense, soft-powers, science, technology and so on; along with their statistic integration. Government initiatives, schemes and flagships were detailed incredibly. A one-to-one conversation with the ignited minds, enlightened the fire of hope, dreams and truth in our souls. Swami Vivek Anand forecasted that, India will rise again, not with materialistic values. But with consciousness and spirituality. And the Time has come! India is Rising!

Indian women are weak, dominated, never supported, treated with partiality and not safe. This fake narrative ripped the heart of India like a sword. “Bharat ki Baat” unraveled the fact-files, showing the Real women of India. Powered, strengthened, and roaring like lioness; in every field, may it be agriculture or defense or ISRO. Indian culture worships women as Goddess, and that is the reason ‘The Oxford Dictionary’ declared Hindi word “Naari Shakti” as ‘word of the year’ in 2018.

India was exploited, looted, betrayed and colonized. But nothing could shatter the foundation of India. Indian civilization, Indian Culture, its Unity in Diversity, India’s fraternity remained un-touched and blossoming, with each sun-rise. The final episode for this series but not for “Bharat ki Baat”. Let us connect with our mother-land spiritually, religiously, emotionally and make India “The Vishwaguru”!

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