#IAmBuddha’s & Vivek Agnihotri’s Mantra “No One Was Born Uncreative” is proved by this cow


The video of a cow playing football in Goa is going viral on internet the users are ROLFing by the hilarious yet clever gesture of the cow. This is India where every creature has a FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! A DEMOCRACY in true sense.


Few days back, a video of cow playing football got the internet rolling. One of the famous post was by the Indian Cricket Commentator Harsha Bhogle with a comment “This is the funniest thing you will see today!” The video went viral in no time, with 2.65M+ views, more than 36,000 comments and 113K+ likes.

Many a times, we see tamed animals performing stunts and showing their creativity after undergoing a professional training. However, an animal showing its creativity willingly, that is an amazing scenario. Indians tend to show more affection and compassion towards the stray animals and treat them like family members. This happens only in INDIA, where every creature has a FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!

In the video, some boys are playing football on the streets of Goa. Initially the cow tends to protect the football from the players. After a while, it playfully allows the player to take it away, and then jumps off the field to play with them.

Will the cow strike a Goal and score high?

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