Zero Poverty, Zero Corruption and Zero Terrorism! Reinventing ‘Zero’, with Vivek Agnihotri


India is a country of: Diversity, Tolerance and Total Acceptance. The phenomena to Reinvent ‘Zero’ is: Celebrating Merit and Excellence; Positive approach; Pride on Mother-land and a Confident Belief system.

‘Zero’ is India’s Gift to the World. Reinvent ‘Zero’ with Vivek Agnihotri at the 6th National Students Parliament 2019. Watch.

What happened after Independence, that instead of Rejuvenating the Indian Civilization, it was transmuted to Fascinating Western Ideology? 70 years of Decolonizing the Western Ideology from Indian Brains; and the war persists.

India is on a Threshold to reinventing ‘Zero’. Today India is the 5th largest Economy; 2nd Largest Food grain producer; 2nd largest Digital Consumer. India ranks in Top 5 Countries of the World for Solar Energy generation, Wind Energy generation, Milk Production, and Transportation.

This is the Confident India. The Confident Indian Youth, of this new era, believes in: India Can do it; India is doing it and India will always do it.

Indians have the audacity to choose their leaders. Who should lead us? The power is within us. Never be afraid of Politics. Never be Political. Instead become Politically Aware. Let us make India the Vishwaguru!

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