Why do we outrage?


The globalised internet world is going through a major transformation. If one believes the statistics, more than half of the population of the world is going to become depressed by 2020. Statistics may not be accurate but it truly is an indicator of the phenomenon.

Fear, conflict, outrage, dissatisfaction, anger and isolation are the most common features of today’s world. Why is this growing at such fast pace?

God made us to live in reality. But we superseded the reality and created a virtual reality. With the advent of the digital world there are suddenly two worlds – the real and the virtual. There are two distinct generations in their world – the analogue generations and the digital generation. The analogue generation is trying to deal with the Digital one and the digital generation can’t understand why they have to deal with the analogue generation. There is a conflict of aspirations and understanding. The world has never been so divided before.

This is why, there is a massive perception deficit. People are fighting to justify their perception of the world. The green of a real forest is different from the green of the virtual forest. The analogue and digital people can keep fighting over this. And in the absence of validation of their view of the world, they feel rejected, isolated and depressed.

At any given moment you’re failing to see the way things actually are. The manifestation is that you’re failing to be kind. You are anxious. You are angry. You are neurotic. You are depressed.

I don’t think it’s so much about external things. I think you could be a very happy, high-functioning person and still note the moment-to-moment failures only if you accept that there are many realities and only one truth.

The journey to that one supreme truth doesn’t need any validation, any approval. Because that truth transcends the real and the virtual.

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