If you want Ram Mandir, follow Rama the warrior?


When Ravana kidnapped Sita, Rama didn’t attack at once. Because he was a true warrior. He understood the strategies of war.

Now that the worshippers of Lord Rama are disappointed with the Supreme Court decision, it’s critical that we learn from Rama’s tactics of war.

  1. The skilful warriors don’t display their emotions publicly.
  2. The skilful warriors use the force of momentum to seize victory without exerting their strength.
  3. In a battle confrontation is done directly but victory is gained by surprise.

This is not the time to get angry or feel cheated. This is not the time to attack the opponent. This is the time to strategise.

The true believers of Lord Rama, the people with unbreakable faith are infinite as sky, inexhaustible as Ganga. When they come to an end, they begin again, like days and months. They die and are reborn, like the four seasons.

There are only seven notes in the musical scale but their variations are so many that together they can fill the entire universe. There are only five primary colours but their permutations are so many that they can fill the entire sky. It’s time to explore all those ones. All those hues. And find the most apt ones for an attack on the enemy.

What we need is the force. When the speed of rushing water reaches the point where it can move boulders, break them and crush them into sand, that is the force of the momentum. When the speed of the hawk is such that it can strike and kill, that is precision. So is with skilful warriors, like Rama, their force is swift, their precision is close.

This is the time to go quiet. This is the time to group. This is the time to create force. And strike when the right time comes. This war will be won with patience and surprise.

Be strategic. Be patient. Be Rama.

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