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Indian cultural history, continuity & the Society – Vivek Agnihotri

Where Modernization is the talk of the town in this new era, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri sheds some knowledge on Cultural and Historical evolution of Indian Mythology. Does westernization mean modernization? Is it mandatory to disguise Indian traditional values to western values and sugar-coat it with sophistication to look cool in this materialistic world? Do not […]

Dr. Manmohan Singh: An Accidental Prime Minister? Or well planned Strategic move of Congress?

Dr. Manmohan Singh was the 13th Prime Minister of India and during his tenure there were many situations where questions arose whether he was really a right candidate for this position or he just an Accidental Prime Minister? Dr. Singh’s erstwhile media advisor Mr. Sanjaya Baru has written a book in him which is not […]

A Digital Demon – Internet: Your online identity & personal data is on stake

It is said that every coin has two sides – a positive & negative. The same has been proven for technology. Internet has been a double edged sword – on one hand it has shrunk the world virtually, brought the revolution in life of human being. Business, banking, defence, transportation, meteorology, aviation, astronomy, communication, education, […]

Interview of Vivek Agnihotri that Times of India refused to publish

1. What is urban naxalism and how does it spread its wings? Urban Naxalism is the fourth generation (4G) war. It is complex and long term. In 2004, Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) People’s War, usually called People’s War Group (PWG), merged the Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCC) and formed Communist Party of India […]

It’s never too late to RISE: A story of a girl from house wife to an IAS officer

There is a proverb in Gujarati – सपना उगी निकडे तो वाव्या कहवाय, नहिंतर डटाया कहवाय means your dreams are dreams only when they come true else they were actually never belonged to you. Today I feel delight to share a success story of such a determined, passionate, committed and visionary lady; who not only […]

Mission Zero Waste By Sudhir with Vivek Agnihotri #AbBas! #BuddhaCares

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde. I recalled this quote because I came across an intense and fruitful discussion of two prudent gentlemen and the subject was – Mission Zero waste. Famous filmmaker & author Mr. Vivek Agnihotri and an eminent entrepreneur &thinker exchanged their ideas […]

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