Vivek Agnihotri on “OTT platforms to liberate storytelling in India”

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri opines that OTT platforms shall liberate storytelling in India and shall also provide the freedom to make a lot of films on folk and literature.


Over The Top (OTT) media is the next-gen streaming media service provided to the viewers directly over the internet, bypassing the control of distributer platforms like cable, broadcast, and satellite television. The subscription-based video on demand service providers like Zee5, Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Live are gaining popularity these days.

Vivek in an exclusive conversation with the Zee News, shared his views on OTT platforms saying; “OTT is a form that is going to liberate storytelling in India. Here, it is very difficult to make a film on this subject, that subject because everybody is so sensitive. So, OTT will help there. OTT will also help make a lot of films on folk and literature.”

Agnihotri’s directorial “The Tashkent Files” now streaming on Zee5, emerged as ‘Sleeper Hit of the year 2019’ completing more than 100 days in the theatre. Based on the mysterious death of India’s second Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent, the film has created a political awakening, with #TheRightToTruth movement.

His next project “The Kashmir Files” is a film based on the genocide and mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandit’s in the 90’s. It was the largest ethnic cleansing that India has witnessed so far. Vivek says; “The genocide of Kashmiri Hindus is one of the most tragic incidents to happen during partition in India, so many children were killed, people were shot, women were raped. But the problem is it is such a difficult and sensitive subject, nobody dares to make a film on that. It is also very risky; people think somebody will kill them. That’s why all the films that have been made in this country on the Kashmir issue have some sympathy towards terrorists. I have been wanting to make this film for quite some time, a lot of Kashmiri Hindus want me to make this film. I did not have 100% courage but with the success of The Tashkent Files, I have gained confidence that these kinds of films work and can work,”

Vivek believes that “Nobody was ever born Uncreative.” Speaking on the lines of his #IAmBuddha Foundation, he shares the thought behind the initiative saying, “I am a middle-class man from a small town. When I came here, I realized if you are not well-connected, know certain people, if you are not one of the elites, it is very difficult because you have to struggle a lot. After a point, a lot of people give up. So, today if I am at a position, I thought why not give my support. One of the boys and girls we mentored has become a full-time editor, somebody is making short films, another has become a social entrepreneur in Delhi. That person has installed solar lights in villages. Both Pallavi and I mentor them and make our contribution to society.”

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