Is Devdutt Pattanaik commercializing the idea of ‘The Sanatana Hindu Dharma’?

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri tweeted a thread posted by @DharmikSonal, in which she questions Devdutt Pattanaik on “His version of Hinduism.” The caption of Vivek’s tweet read: “Please read this very well argued thread by @DharmikSonal. More power to you girl”


In a thread of tweets, Sonal (Dharmik) a tweeterittie, took a call to expose Devdutt Pattanaik and “His version of Hinduism” saying “In order to attain materialistic gains of money and fame, people these days start commercialising the valuable knowledge of Sanatan Dharma without even reading it by themselves. One such “businessman” who commercialised Sanatan Dharma is Devdutt Patnaik.”

Devdutt is a Doctor by education and an Author by profession, who claims himself to be a Mythologist. His works, usually based on Hindu scriptures, mostly portray the travesty of Hindu philosophy.

Sonal claims that Devdutt presents his fantasies and imaginations related to the Sanatana Hindu Dharma, without any authenticity of facts or proofs, entitling them as ‘His Version of Hinduism.’ He says that Hindus are STUPID, VIOLENT, AGGRESSIVE and INTOLERANT. When he is questioned on the logic and authenticity of his statements, he gets outraged using foul language to shun the questions.

Have a look at the thread of tweets by Sonal and discover how Devdutt Pattanaik is commercializing the idea of “The Sanatana Hindu Dharma” in order to fulfill his materialistic greed.

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri says; “Most of the civilizations perished because the wise men kept quiet. I appeal to all the young people to speak up, fearlessly against those who want to create a false narrative against Hindu civilization.”

Authors like Devdutt, serve manipulated theories decorated with attractive language and powerful covers. But do we check the authenticity of their theories with the original Hindu Scriptures? Before believing in fake narratives ask yourself; “Where are your beliefs rooted to: MYTHOLOGY or MITHYA-LOGY?”

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