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There are many variations of passages

Vivek Agnihotri exposes Rahul Gandhi’s bundle of lies in Rafale

ऐसी बानी बोलिए, मन का आपा होय, ओरन को शीतल करे, आपहु शीतल होय God has given us two ears & only one mouth so we can listen more and speak less; and whatever we speak that too might be significant. But many of us fail to use tongue rationally and speak irrelevant, improper and […]

Padma Shri S.L. Bhyrappa in conversation with Columnist & Writer Shefali Vaidya

साधू ऐसा चाहिये, जैसा सूप सुभाय, सार – सार को गहि रहै, थोथा देई उड़ाय। The above Doha of Saint Kabir preaches that the world requires gentlemen & wise people like grain cleaning vessel who only grasp the significant things and let the other worthless things vanish. Indic academy & #IamBuddha foundation always strive to […]

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