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If you want Ram Mandir, follow Rama the warrior?

When Ravana kidnapped Sita, Rama didn’t attack at once. Because he was a true warrior. He understood the strategies of war. Now that the worshippers of Lord Rama are disappointed with the Supreme Court decision, it’s critical that we learn from Rama’s tactics of war. The skilful warriors don’t display their emotions publicly. The skilful […]

Why do we outrage?

The globalised internet world is going through a major transformation. If one believes the statistics, more than half of the population of the world is going to become depressed by 2020. Statistics may not be accurate but it truly is an indicator of the phenomenon. Fear, conflict, outrage, dissatisfaction, anger and isolation are the most […]

The power is within you

Once there was a priest who was going from one place to the other. He was passing through a forest and there he saw a jackal. That jackal seemed to be handicapped as his one leg was badly injured and he was not able to stand and walk. The priest, who was compassionate by nature, […]

Why you should be suspicious of high praises?

Compliments are good. Praise is wonderful. But one should always know when the praise is going to harm us. It’s a very difficult thing but if one is grounded and has a strong sense of reality, it can be easily avoided. Because when someone praises us unnecessarily and too much for the qualities we don’t […]

What is success? Big… more… large… is that success?

Is success a big corporate job? Big salary? Big power? If that’s success than how come there is someone else always ahead of you? Does that makes you less successful? Big… more… large… is that success? Can success be quantified? Anything which can be quantified can not be success. Because in that case only infinity […]

A school dropout boy: Founder of a million dollar company

Can a school dropout boy become an author, cyber security expert and an Entrepreneur? Most of us won’t believe and say that this is possible either in fairy tales or in films; an 8th standard fail but a sharp boy Trishneet Arora has made it possible. Trishneet was born to a middle class family in […]

IIT Madras brings revolution in low cost housing

NDTV Chennai division recently came out with exhilarating news that IIT Madras introduces extremely affordable houses which are strong, whether proof and environment friendly. This is an Australian technology which uses glass fibres, gypsum (which is an industrial waste) which is available plenty and this cost just 1250 rs per square foot. Watch here a […]

How silence helps the truth to reveal itself?

As a young student I used to travel a lot for debating. Once I was travelling from Bangalore to Bhopal. There was an elderly monk who was sitting in front seat. I remember trying to break some conversation but he didn’t entertain me much. Most of the times he would go into deep meditation. I […]

Why we should never try to be complete?

I was visiting an automobile factory once. It was a huge floor and a massive assembly line. As I moved along, there were various units making different parts. All parts complete on their own. Yet, they were incomplete without merging with other parts. The workers in each unit, after testing the part, would write ‘Complete. […]

How to stop plastic? By Sudhir #AbBas! #BuddhaCares

Buddha cares for Environment with Sudhir Recently Mr. Sudhir, an environment lover, has come out with a video on widespread public awakening on How to fight plastic menace. A prime question comes to our mind is that why this gentleman has to speak about the plastic waste or how it has affected him? Watch here […]