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Kashmir-I: Creation to Islamisation

Induction Hindu Civilisation is the only continuing Civilisation that exists without known origin. Though we still survive, story of Kashmir stands upfront only scaring and being the big sculpt of fear. When I say this,the first thought of people will definitely go to the Valley’s era of 80’s but the fact of the matter is […]

Why success lies in the execution?

Every single day I meet many people who tell me that they have a great story idea for a film and they seek my help. Each time I advise them to write down the idea in simple words in few pages and send it to me. Almost all of them never turn up. Same with […]

How to reboot your life?

Whatever is your age, multiply it by 365. Then multiply the total with 24. Write down the total with a thick felt pen in big bold font on a paper. Paste it on a wall. This is the number of hours your body, your mind, your system has been working non-stop. Now stare at this […]

India first Ep-05: Vivek speaks on Hindu Charter

It is said that a significant picture is worth thousand words; yesterday I came across such a picture which I cannot resist myself to share with you all.  Have a look beneath: I shared this picture because most of the times we come across people who are in above situation. But today I would like […]

Why ‘being politically correct’ and ‘being correct’ ...

There was a gentleman who used to outrage a lot against corruption. One day I wrote a tweet – “I am immoral. I lie, cheat, bribe, exploit. Destroy nature. I steal. I discriminate. I’ve hate. I’ve violence. But I am lonely in this world full of moral people.” This gentleman trolled me a lot and […]

Why TV news works like slow poison?

Many years ago, when my daughter was very young… maybe 7 or 8 yrs old… she made an observation as we were glued to a debate on TV. She said “Daady likes to watch people fight”. That made me sit up and ponder on her innocent and honest observation. Night after night, I was watching […]

Why do the secrets of this cosmos lie in a zero?

In Hindu philosophy, zero not only has a mathematical relevance but it’s also the nucleus of all spirituality. This world is full of possibilities, choices, variety and diversity. If you sit down to calculate the permutations of these choices, your mind will start spinning faster than a whirlpool and eventually it will suck you in. […]

Sardar Patel’s Statue of Unity: World’s Tallest Statue U...

Imagine you are travelling from Mumbai to Junagadh or from Delhi to Bangalore or from Kolkata to Chennai; and during this journey, how you would feel, if you have to stop several times to take visa or proper permission to enter any vicinity? At first glance this imagination sounds ridiculous but there was strong probability […]

What’s the real tribute to our martyrs?

What is a nation? Is it a boundary? Is it a group of people? Is it a culture? Is it an economy? I have often wondered what constitutes a nation we take so much pride in. What is it we identify with? Where do we belong? If its’s a piece of land defined by a […]

A drought-prone village emerges as a model village for the e...

Imagine a village which is has been a drought prone village for approx 17+ years, hardly 200-300 mm rainfall in entire season. As a result there may be poverty, hunger, unemployment, no quality education, no supply for drinking water of for irrigation. People started leaving the village for better opportunity, and those who were left […]