Author: Gaurav Trivedi

Vivek Agnihotri rips apart the Media for malfunctioning on publicizing sensitive affairs & happenings

The famous filmmaker and author Mr. Vivek Agnihotri recently released his video on India first which leaves us in a surprising stage concerning role & practices of Media in India. Media is a body which we rely on for many things. Media’s role is to explore & reveal the truth behind any political, social, economical, […]

5 Amusing Facts About The Children’s Day

रोने की वजह ना थी, ना हंसने का बहाना था, क्यों हो गए हम इतने बड़े, इससे अच्छा तो वो बचपन का जमाना था, Since early morning today, I was unknowingly reciting above lines; I posed my mind why all of sudden I am reciting these lines? Then I realized that it’s a children’s day […]

Brahma to Buddha: Vivek Agnihotri To Make A Trilogy On History Of Hindu Civilization

Chanakya said, “जो अपना इतिहास भूल जाते हे उनका भूगोल बदल जाता हे l” This has proven enormously factual in case of our nation India. We have forgotten our history, culture and civilization; and that has affected entire ethnicity on a larger scale. Daring filmmaker and author of best seller ‘#UrbanNaxals’, Vivek Agnihotri has taken […]

A drought-prone village emerges as a model village for the entire nation

Imagine a village which is has been a drought prone village for approx 17+ years, hardly 200-300 mm rainfall in entire season. As a result there may be poverty, hunger, unemployment, no quality education, no supply for drinking water of for irrigation. People started leaving the village for better opportunity, and those who were left […]

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