India first with Vivek Agnihotri: Vivek Speaks bravely on UrbanNaxals


Recently the famous Filmmaker & author of Bestseller title ‘UrbanNaxals’, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri visits Chicago for attending World Hindu Conclave where he publishes a video. In this video Vivek bravely natters about the two recent & reciprocal happenings in India.

Vivek talked about the massive & serial nationwide raid on UrbanNaxals and the subsequent reciprocations on the social media. According to Vivek, UrbanNaxals are those anti-nationals who, through terror funding or by some unethical means like extortions, become the pioneer of the armed wars with intention of breaking India state into pieces.

Watch Vivek’s full video here:

In this video Vivek explains how they get this terror funding; they snatch away hard earned money from small children, they threaten the truck drivers passing through the red corridor and collect 1000 rs per truck, they also collects 15-20% money from doctors who come to village for any treatment of ill person; sometimes they beat policemen and snatch away their money. By these means they get the money for anti-social, anti-national activities. They rape women and thereby they scare people. As per the sources, they extorts approx 1100 cr rupees only from Bastar; zarkhand and other states we don’t take into consideration as of now.

Vivek, in his video, bravely asks that why so called eminent intellectuals of India did did not raise the question that where this extorted money does goes. Vivek further clarifies that this money is sent to cities to fund their sleeper cells. What do they do with the money? What we should do and how? Check out the video attached herewith to know all these answers.

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