Bharat Bandh: A nationwide protest or a political propaganda??


Because of the devaluation of Indian rupee since last some days and other several reasons, the Indian economy has been facing a tough time; in such time the fuel prices have seen massive hike gradually in past some days.

There may be several economical, social, international & political factors for this price rise and inflation but an average common Indian is least concerned with all these. He has a limited income to survive and he has to manage all survival expenses out of it. In such case, a nominal fluctuation in rise can also imbalance the budget he has made. Moreover it is not just the hike in fuel prices, the hike in fuel prices will be reflected in many other areas i.e. transportation becomes costlier so daily house hold things like milk, vegetables, etc also reflects prise hike; so overall budget of an average citizen disturbs drastically.

In such case the ethical and assertive protest is welcomes and necessary; but is it rationale by declaring Bharat Bandh? As we have the elections also coming in the nearer future so atmosphere is already having that heat, above all prise rise in fuel has worked as a trigger and number of political parties have joined hands together against the NDA government and declared “Bharat Bandh”

In this case, one need to understand the INS & outs of the Bandh; below is the narrative you should know, understand and analyse about the Bharat Bandh.

Why a nationwide bandh?

Hike in fuel price, demand of bringing petrol & diesel under GST, depreciating Indian rupee, Rafale deal, etc have been the major issues for calling this Bandh.

On Sunday, 12 paise & 10 paise rise respectively in Petrol & diesel have resulted the final price of 80.50 rs per litre for Petrol and 72.61 rs per litre Diesel (both being the highest) in Delhi. Opposition says that these prices can be controlled by bringing the fuel under GST and relaxation of 15 to 18 rs can be offered to people and therefore they are protesting.

Who is participating?

According to the sources, Congress, RJD, BSP, Marxist, NCP, DMK, MNS, KSRTC, BMTC, OLA/Uber drivers, private taxi associations, tours & travels associations, etc are participating in the Bhart Bandh.

On the other hand, it is also known that Congress called it a 6 hour Bandh; school in Odisha will remain closed on Monday.

However, a vigilant and sensible Indian doesn’t want this Bandh because there are millions of people who are like daily wage earners and these kinds of Bandh are affecting their survivals; moreover if we say broadly, the economy gets affected and we incur loss of millions of rupees. So there should be a rational way of protesting.

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