Vivek Agnihotri in one to one conversation with one of the youngest authors of India, Atharva


Boating in Ganga, Kolkata, Vivek Agnihotri interviews one of the youngest authors of India, Atharva. The Harry Potter fan introduces his book based on Alex Thomson from Scotland. Young boy with big dreams from Howrah, narrates the plot of story and encloses the adventurous life of Alex Thomson.

Glide in the Adventurous life of Alex Thomson with our young author Atharva and know the mysterious fantasy of Vivek Agnihotri. Watch video:

Boating in the Pure waters of Ganga, Kolkata, Vivek Agnihotri has one to one conversation with one of the youngest authors of India, Atharva. This sixth grade boy now eleven years old, introduces his book on Alex Thomson based in Scotland. Young boy with bigger dreams plans to launch Alex Thomson series of book soon.

The plot goes like: Alex Thomson, son of Duke and Duchess of city Glen near the sea in Scotland; have nightmares depicting a Symbol and a Hooded figure. Then he finds a Pendent encrypted with the same symbol appearing in his nightmares. So he and his friend Daniel Hathorway, the son of Lord and Lady of Scotland, triumphs adventure to solve the mystery of unknown pendant and to discover the source. The future would be author from Howrah, plan to release series of Alex Thomson books, unveiling title of his two upcoming books: “Alex Thomson and the inn by the village creek” and “Alex Thomson and Magical Dream catcher”.

Vivek Agnihotri enclosing his fantasy to write a book on Kolkata, plotting underworld Kolkata, inhabiting all the homeless utilizing Darkness as Energy. Having a desire to join ‘Brave Hearts’ an NGO run by his maternal grandmother, our young author dreams of “Bharat ek Sone ki Chidiya”.

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