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Jawwad Patel’s “DEWDROPS”. Asia’s first 3D printed intuitive self-filing water apparatus.

What if your water bottle refills itself? And what if you can produce your water from AIR? Awesome right? National Youth Award winner Jawwad Patel’s brainchild ‘DEWDROPS’ is Asia’s first 3D printed intuitive self-filling water apparatus  that generates WATER from AIR. Jawwad Patel the 24-year old Social Innovator and Research Scientist have been honored with the National Youth […]

The Delhi-Duo invented, WALKIE-MOBIE charger; charges a mobile phone with the foot-steps of its user!

A brilliant way to reduce the Carbon Foot-prints by your own foot-steps with the WALKIE-MOBIE charger invented by Anand and Mohak from Delhi. It allows you to generate your own electricity, by converting the kinetic energy of your foot-steps to electric energy that CHARGES your MOBILE PHONE! The duo started their journey four years back; […]

Vivek Agnihotri in one to one conversation with one of the youngest authors of India, Atharva

Boating in Ganga, Kolkata, Vivek Agnihotri interviews one of the youngest authors of India, Atharva. The Harry Potter fan introduces his book based on Alex Thomson from Scotland. Young boy with big dreams from Howrah, narrates the plot of story and encloses the adventurous life of Alex Thomson. Glide in the Adventurous life of Alex […]

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