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Ram-Rajya, that is where Democracy originated. The system protecting our Independence is Democracy. Democracy is not a choice; in fact, it is India’s very own Nature. Democracy is in our DNA. India’s Democracy is hugest, strongest and most progressive of all.

Dive into these stories of: 103 years old, India’s first voter; Female Sarpanch, Sarita Devi from Jharkhand; IT Geek and US return, Pratham Mittal; Political Institute preparing Political Leaders of India. Watch full Episode:

“Of the People, For the People and By the People”, this slogan runs with blood into our bodies. India’s Democracy is hugest, strongest and most progressive of all. The efforts to arrange such a big democracy are also huge. Elections in India are held at many levels, that are: Loksabha, Vidhansabha, Municipality, Rajyasabha, Jilla Parishad, Panchayat, Societies, Clubs and mostly in every Organization.  Do you know, in the election of 2014, Number of votes given by public were: 86,35,00,000; Cost of the election was: 35,00,00,00,000₹; EVM machines used for voting were: 10,00,000 nos. For 543 Loksabha seats, 8251 candidates took part.

We have confronted a lot of problems in these 70 years of Independence. Extreme poverty, unemployment, corruption and what not. But, our faith on Democracy is boundless. When a poor man, lost in this cruel world, stands in the Voting Pallet booth, has the power to choose Capable Government over Incapable Government. Democracy is our strength. Democracy is our Power.

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