Pallavi Joshi writes why she made ‘Bharat Ki Baat’


A blog by Pallavi Joshi on the making of ‘Bharat Ki Baat’
The world changed since News Anchors took over the actor’s job. Especially when sansanikhez hit the headlines, I thought its pack up time for all of us lesser mortals.
On a serious note, ever since Editors-in-Chief decidedly started ‘acting’ to win over TRPs, India as a nation was on the verge of nosediving in to another colonial space. Thank god I had long passed my impressionable age by then, so I wasn’t falling in the trap of searching for India’s fault lines with a fine tooth comb.

Millennials are now the current owners of the Indian heritage, as they are free from the colonial hangover that their parents were subjected to growing up. But in the world of ‘Breaking News’ we, the Indians are fast losing our sense of our inherent Indian pride. And we are sucking the millennials in to a vortex of disillusionment, treachery and un-Indianness. (If there is such a word).
My patriotic inner being couldn’t take this negativity anymore and hence I came up with the thought of a show that speaks only about the good things about our country and about the good things that people of India have selflessly done for the society and country at large. My husband upon the hearing the thought got really excited and our discussion soon metamorphosed into a 26-part series. Vivek then applied himself and that’s how ‘Bharat ki Baat’ was born.
Once TV18 showed willingness and we started shooting, a new India emerged in front of me.

See I am a city person. Born and raised in Mumbai. Have lived in India all my life. Have always lived the high life and considered myself a proud Indian. Have a great job here so never thought of migrating. And yet, for the first time I started truly discovering India and her people. I am so different from a Karnataki, or a Tamilian, or a Punjabi, a Kashmiri, a Haryanvi. Yet they all are my people, as I am their person.

I belong to the infamous category of people living in an Ivory Tower. Or people operating from ‘air-conditioned offices’ as they say. Yet when I met the Carpet Weavers of Banaras, or the Kahwa Vendor from Kashmir, or the Camel Owner of Jaisalmer, their native wisdom caught me unawares. I have been rubbing shoulders with the crème de la crème all my life, but the life lessons I learnt from these regular, common citizens of my country are something I will cherish forever.
Bharat ki Baat chronicles the simple yet profound intelligence of these Bharatwasis. And it goes without saying that such great people belong to a great country. Our history, (conveniently dubbed as a mythology), our Vedic scriptures, our Puranas, our Upanishads if translated and sold as best sellers will rock the very foundations of this world. Just to give a small spoiler, our ancient scientists were not called Doctors, because India had an indigenous title for them. They were known as ‘Rishis’ and ‘Munis’.

Never forget that we belong to a great civilization, and we are good people. Never forget that India means Innovation; India means Intellect; and above all, just as Aryabhatt’s theory of zero propagates, India means Infinity.
Jai Hind.

Pallavi Joshi takes you all across India to bring positive Baat of Bharat.

Aapki baat. Hum sab Ki Baat. #BharatKiBaat
This positive show about India begins room 5th Jan at 10 AM on all Bews 18 channels.

BharatKiBaat will be telecast every Saturday & Sunday at 10AM on all News 18 channels.

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