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What should you do when someone lies to hurt you?

It’s almost impossible to find any one who doesn’t lie. All of us do lie. Even the most honest people do. When we give compliments to people, when we describe a place, when we express our love to someone, our success, our city, our family, our achievements… “thanks so much for the lovely party” or […]

Why slow is fast?

I am sure all of you have heard the story of the rabbit and the tortoise, and its morale – The slow one wins the race. Does that mean slow is faster? Yes. Let’s see why.    ‘Slow’ and ‘fast’ are not about the speed. They are about the mindset.  It’s the life’s philosophy.  The […]

Vivek Agnihotri rips apart the Media for malfunctioning on p...

The famous filmmaker and author Mr. Vivek Agnihotri recently released his video on India first which leaves us in a surprising stage concerning role & practices of Media in India. Media is a body which we rely on for many things. Media’s role is to explore & reveal the truth behind any political, social, economical, […]

Why all sufferings lie in future and all happiness in the pr...

As a child, my father used to tell me “How you spend your day is, how you spend your life’. It didn’t make sense then. I never understood how ‘just a day’ can decide my entire life? By and by, I started understanding that it’s the smallest unit in a mathematical calculations that determines the […]

How to live fearlessly?

When we are born, we have no fear. In fact, if someone throws us up in the air, we laugh with joy. If a stranger picks us up, we giggle. Then we grow up and start to walk. This is when all elders start telling us about the fear of falling. “Don’t go there… hold […]

5 Amusing Facts About The Children’s Day

रोने की वजह ना थी, ना हंसने का बहाना था, क्यों हो गए हम इतने बड़े, इससे अच्छा तो वो बचपन का जमाना था, Since early morning today, I was unknowingly reciting above lines; I posed my mind why all of sudden I am reciting these lines? Then I realized that it’s a children’s day […]

Brahma to Buddha: Vivek Agnihotri To Make A Trilogy On Histo...

Chanakya said, “जो अपना इतिहास भूल जाते हे उनका भूगोल बदल जाता हे l” This has proven enormously factual in case of our nation India. We have forgotten our history, culture and civilization; and that has affected entire ethnicity on a larger scale. Daring filmmaker and author of best seller ‘#UrbanNaxals’, Vivek Agnihotri has taken […]

Why do we procrastinate?

Whenever I call my daughter for any work she says ‘One minute, daddy’. Why does she do that? Where has she picked up this habit from. Of course, us – the parents, teachers, elders. If you see very closely around you will find that we all have a habit to postpone matters. Procrastination, is the […]

Why can’t we understand the value of something without los...

I have noticed that most privileged people are also the biggest complainers. They constantly complain about politics, society and the world at large. They are never happy with what they have. Even in film industry I have sen the most successful and secured stars have longest lists of complaints. Once I was shooting with a […]

Kashmir II: Islamisation to the Exodus

Till the mid of 15th century of Common Era the whip of ‘Idol-Breaker’ Sikandar had already left its impressions. The valley which was once founded by the Sage Kashyapa had transformed into a foreign cultural identity. Islamisation had occurred and not being Islamic had turned into a ban: a reason that transpired, but only death. […]