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India’s History of Industrial Development with Pallavi Joshi in her ‘Bharat Ki Baat’ EP-3

The World follows 4000 years old Indian inventions in ‘Mining and Metallurgy’. Who could stop Indians, who used all their efforts to set up the roots of Industrial Development, unlike Developed countries getting readymade setups. Watch Episode-3 trailer here Do not miss out the whole episode of ‘Bharat Ki Baat’, releasing on Saturday, 3-11-2019, on […]

EP 02 – Shout-out to Shastriji’s slogan, ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan!’ with Pallaviji in her ‘Bharat Ki Baat’

‘Krushi’ derived from a Vedic word ‘Krisi’, means cultivating earth. ‘Parashara Granth’ written in India, taught whole world the right method of Agriculture. From Ramayana to Indus valley civilization, Indian agriculture persist well established. In ‘Atharva Ved’, ‘Krushi’ is entitled as human. Hence, we call India our motherland. ‘Bharat Mata’. Green Revolution, White revolution, Blue […]

Quench your Patriotic Thirst by our brand new episode of ‘Bharat ki Baat’ with all-time favorite Actress, Pallavi Joshi.

Ram-Rajya, that is where Democracy originated. The system protecting our Independence is Democracy. Democracy is not a choice; in fact, it is India’s very own Nature. Democracy is in our DNA. India’s Democracy is hugest, strongest and most progressive of all. Dive into these stories of: 103 years old, India’s first voter; Female Sarpanch, Sarita […]

RAFALE Deal – What is it? – Pallavi Joshi makes it simple. #EasyHai!

Everybody is talking about the Rafale Deal these days; those who don’t know even the spelling of Rafale or what Rafale means, are also expressing their opinions on the deal. As per famous Sanskrit proverb, टुंडे टुंडे मतिर्भिन्ना, everybody speaks on Rafale as per their maturity & knowledge – may be some with facts & […]

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