Watch EP 09 – ‘Evolution of India in Holistic Healing and Healthcare Systems’; with Pallavi Joshi in ‘Bharat Ki Baat’


Government Healthcare Policy, ‘Ayushman Bharat’ providing cover benefit of 5,00,000₹ to each family every year. 85% cost reduction in Stands used for heart surgery. 3,000 ‘Jan Aushadhi Kendra’ providing good quality Medicines at low price.

Meet the Director of NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, Dr. Alok Sharma, and know all about Stem Cell Regenerative Treatment, the Revolution of Medical Science and the future of India.

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‘Ayurveda’ is a Boon of ‘Dirgayu’, by Lord Brahma, to Human. It is classified into two important Granthas: Charaka Samhita and Shushruta Samhita.

Charaka Smahita was written by Rishi Charaka 2500 years ago.  Detailed Descriptions of the procedures to manufacture Ayurvedic Medicines from: 300 plants, 177 Animals and 64 Minerals. He was the first to discover, total 360 Bones in Human Body.Shushruta Samhita, written by Shushruta Rishi, introduced to the Methods of Medical Surgeries. He was the first to introduce Cesarean Deliveries. It provides detailed explanations of surgeries like: Cataracts, kidney stones, orthopedic disorders and the procedure of Physiotherapy.

Who would have thought that, after Independence, a broken and looted India, would fly so high someday? The Pious Land of India have given birth to Intellectual Medical Practitioners; who have increased the Glory of India worldwide, by treating lethal and fatal ailments. India is turning to a Medical Hub.

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