‘Other side of North East India’; by Vivek Agnihotri with Munish Singh (Director, ICCR Shillong)


North East India have a rich Heritage of Culture, Beauty, Literature and Art, yet it is known for Nexalism, Communism, Leftism, Maoism and Marxism. If it is Tourism, it is North East India.

Culture, Art, Literature, Tourism and what not. Know the other side of North East India, by Vivek Agnihotri with Munish Singh (Director of ICCR Shillong).

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‘Nexalism, Communism, Leftism, Maoism and Marxism’ why does this perception persist for North East India, nationally or internationally? Is India really United in Diversity? Why there are state wise cultural bifurcations, and not a solo Indian Culture? Shri Rabindranath Tagore wrote his novel ‘Yogayug’ and Poems ‘Sumaya’ & ‘Debdaru’ in Shillong; why is he only limited to Kolkata? 2014 elections have proved to be fruitful for North East India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi have greatly influenced the tourism of North East India, by frequently visiting there. He recently inaugurated the ‘Bogibeel Bridge’ of Assam, the longest bridge of India. His actions have influenced North East India at Grass root level.

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