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Light-years ago India mastered the amalgamation of Astrology, Astronomy and Mathematics. ‘जुग सहस्र जोजन पर भानू! ‘from Hanuman Chalisa: Yug=12,000years; Sahastra=1,000, Yojana= 8 miles and Bhanu=Sun. According to NASA, YugSahastraYojana equals Distance between Earth and Sun.

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Central Scientific Instrument Organization, Chandigarh, have invented a Magical Instrument for Divyanga. ‘Divyanayan’ scans documents, converting text to speech in Hindi, English or other Regional Languages, in less than a minute; hence boosting the learning skills of visually impaired individuals, ignorant of Braille Language. Text of any image from camera or gallery, can be converted to speech, with the help of a Mobile Application, specially designed for Low vision or Partially blind individuals.

The Sustainable Dream of Indian Petroleum Organization, to Commercialize Biofuel, is an Ecofriendly step to enhance Economic Growth of India. Trees inhale Carbon-dioxide and produce a specific oil. This oil is processed to produce Biofuel. Biofuel benefits Aviation industry by Increasing Engine Efficiency and decreasing its maintenance. 

Ministry of Earth Sciences, Kerala; in collaboration with Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham, have invented a system of Real-time Warning Sensors; which by detecting the quantity of rainfall, soil humidity, and core pressure; forecast the probability of Landslides 24 hours prior to Landslide. These sensors can be used for small as well as large landslide prone areas.

India ranks fifth in Space research and third in Attracting Technical Investments. It ranks topmost in Science and Technology sectors like: Scientific Journal Publications, Natural Scientific Researches and Patent Registrations. A futuristic vision to Sustainable development shall lead India to become the “Vishwaguru!”

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