Watch EP 16 – Indian Equation of Science and Technology, with Pallavi Joshi in ‘Bharat Ki Baat’


‘प्रतीत्यसमुत्पाद’ the key principle of Buddhist Preaching stating ‘dependent origination’ i.e. “if this exists, that exists”. Science and Nature are counterparts. Acharya Vinoba Bhave said: “Politics and Religion are obsolete. The time has come for Science and Technology”

The Indigenous, ‘Made in India’, Thermal Imaging Technology, that utilizes Quantum Dot Technology to sense and trap body heat, and generate a final image. The heart of these Night Vision Cameras are made in India advanced generation Sensors. These Night Vision Cameras can be used for Surveillance; Medical Instrumentations; in ISRO; in DRDO and for Indian Security, where it tracks any movement within 5-10km, humans or missiles.

Total Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, now treatable by Medication, a combination of Nature and Allopath. This Medicine Deactivates Human proteins, which support TB proteins to enhance TB Infections. Survey shows 70-80% TB infection blockages with a Three Week Treatment period.

IUCCA with ISRO, to invent largest telescope in world, in collaboration with U.S., Canada, Japan and China. With 30m of Mirror length, comprising of 452 mirrors, each moving individually, it will be launched in 2029-2030. India to accomplish the tasks to generate the Mechanism to operate lower surface; Polish and configure the Mirrors. The software to operate and control this telescope is being written in Pune, India.

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