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Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde.

I recalled this quote because I came across an intense and fruitful discussion of two prudent gentlemen and the subject was – Mission Zero waste. Famous filmmaker & author Mr. Vivek Agnihotri and an eminent entrepreneur &thinker exchanged their ideas on above mentioned subject. Watch out their full conversation here:

In the video, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri beautifully started with incubating the thought provoking ideas through platform of #IAmBuddha foundation because he firmly believes that India has the potential to become World’s Innovation Hub. But this can be possible only when we contemplate on the native ideas, which are related to ground realities & challenges. We cannot depend on the borrowed ideas because they may be lacking in the relevance.

To reinforce his proclamation, Vivek Agnihotri introduced a fascinating personality who is full of ideas and innovative initiatives – Mr. Sudhir – a successful entrepreneur in Delhi; Mr. Sudhir’s mind remains engaged in how to solve basic problems of India and currently he is focusing on the Swachhta Abhiyan Mission initiated by our PM Mr. Narendra Modi.

Vivek asked Sudhir how a common man can contribute to this mission, what are the creative ideas he has. On this, Sudhir answered – people don’t litter at the cleaner place so always ensure to keep your surrounding cleaner. Moreover Sudhir said this is the primary success. We need to achieve the ratio of 100% success of this mission from 30% of existing success. To do so the primary thing is to be done is –

  • First understand what garbage is. Garbage is something which doesn’t have any value. Sudhir gave example of bottles, metal parts etc which can never be found on roads because it can be sold & it has a value.
  • We also need to focus on the value additions to garbage. Sudhir took reference of STP plant installed in Varanasi, and he advocated replicating it everywhere. His prime idea is to attract & lure people to pick up garbage even from road and submit to authorities through proper channels.
  • Sudhir talked on concept of Swachhta Engineers who will be the team of 8th pass, 10th pass students who will be trained to visit homes and collect the garbage door to door. And this will not be an ordinary channel – like departmental stores, these Swachhta Engineers will have the machines producing barcodes for various types of wastes and garbage and it will be purchased from homes.
  • The idea is to purchase any type of waste with 2-5% of higher than the existing market rate, that too at the doorstep; moreover the trucks or vehicles carrying these trashes will have the mechanism of segregation there only.
  • Any type of waste i.e. bio waste, organic waste, E-waste, plastic, metal parts, etc everything will be bought. Moreover there will be passbooks issued to each family which will be linked to their accounts, Aadhar cards, etc. The moment you sell the garbage, it will be credited to your passbooks and every month the payment of the same will be made according to the passbooks.

After going through this, many questions come in our mind i.e. is it really implementable idea? Shall I get really higher prices than market that too at the door step? How they are going to manage this channel? What they will do with the garbage, etc and many more. To know the answers of all these questions and to listen to more innovating,interesting, revolutionary and unique ideas, please watch the full video; share this video, comment your feedbacks & opinions. Write us back if you have any contributions to add in these ideas. We are eager to hear from you.

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