#IndiaFirst Ep 08 – Kamalnath & NOTA are wrong choices by Vivek Agnihotri.


When you have to choose between good or bad and right or wrong – it is very easy; but when you have to choose between right and more right – then? It may be little difficult. Same way when you have to choose between bad and worst?

It is said that authority comes with responsibility; our constitution has given us the authority but not the discretion or responsibility and therefore we often end up making wrong decisions. Vivek Agnihotri, famous filmmaker & best seller author, talks why BJP lost, why Kamalnath is a bad choice, why MP will suffer and why NOTA is counterproductive.  Listen to his full video here:

In his video Vivek Agnihotri referred to the recent 2018 Vidhansabha election results where he told that it was surprising that BJP won many seats in Rajasthan but it vanished from Chattisgarh. Congress was vanished from Mizoram & Telangana where as in MP none of the political party achieved the majority.

Vivek proclaimed this as a very confused & fractured mandate which is not really much beneficial to the nation because it affects the stability of the state in a long run. Vivek, to strengthen his point, referred to MP that MP has been very peaceful & stable state so far; but this stable state is going to have a political leader Mr. Kamalnath as a Chief Minister who is accused for involvement in many criminal activities including the assassination of the Shikhs. On Congress’ side it will be very unjustified and Hippocratic thing that they are promoting such a personality who is not clean and in alignment with the promises they have made before the elections.

Vivek further offended on NOTA too by mentioning that it is an impractical idea because no clear idea is coming on larger scale to act upon. We, being one of the biggest democracy, have to keep in mind that a large multitude of people are illiterate and they don’t know the power of casting vote; they are easy targets to carry away, in such situation NOTA alternative can be fatal to democracy.

Watch full video to listen so many other such narratives of Vivek Agnihotri and share your views, write to us and contribute in spreading the awakening.

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