How to get published? | Vivek Agnihotri in conversation with Milee Ashwarya


Writing, Painting, drawing, singing, dancing, etc are various forms of an art; imagine what happens if an artist doesn’t get a platform to exhibit one’s art and excel? Vivek Agnihotri, the famous filmmaker and newest author talks about such a pain he has undergone. Vivek has recently debut with his best seller title #UrbanNaxals, but the journey wasn’t an easy one. His creativity has been rejected by many big publication houses and he felt there is no establishment who is serious and sincere to promote the talent.

Meantime, he came across the very ebullient and interestingperson, editor in chief of penguin random house, Ms. Milee Ashwarya. Vivek& Milee conversed on the possible opportunities for the newcomers orstruggling artists, especially the aspiring authors, who despite of beingtalented don’t get the platform. How creative writing & commercial writingcan be diverged. Watch here their full conversation:

Vivek asks Milee that he travels a lot and while interacting with people, people used to tell him that now days there are hardly any establishment who really bother to promote talent, so what is her stand on this. Milee responded that without talent no industry can be survived longer, but people have to also understand that everything cannot be published. Milee also told that they believe in encouraging the new talent introduced and give platform to debut authors & that will continue.  

Here Vivek also asks Milee that roughly how many manuscripts they receive. Milee responded that average figure is 40 manuscripts per day but out of them approx 40 come out as books in a year. Here, Vivek counter questions that do they even read those manuscripts? Milee responded that they do have a huge team which looks after these things stages wise as per their systems & processes.

Vivek acknowledge her for being the part of one of the largest & reputed publishing houses across the globe but at the same time he also asks why there is a myth prevailing that no space is given to the Indian things, Indian stories, Indian ideas, etc. Milee humbly responded back that this is myth and they are sincere in giving platform to local authors, in fact they aspire to grow & curate the local authors.

They also talked on the Litfest and their significance; digging out the chronicle modern history, possible funding opportunities for the research based writing, remunerating authors belong to middle class or small town locality and aspiring to put 3-4 years in the research based writing, commercials involved in the writing, etc and many more observable facts prevailing in writing. Watch their full conversation to know all these things in depth. Stay connected with #IAmBuddha page – where you can read so many such latest articles, newsfeed & blogs & motivational stories.

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