“Hinduism, Trolling & Everything” – Vivek Agnihotri in conversation with Shefali Vaidya


No man was ever wise by chance” – Lueius Seneca. I recalled this line because wisdom is something which you have to earn through lots of efforts; those efforts can be reading good books, talking to a wise man or listening to conversation of wise people.

#IAmBuddha foundation always encouragessuch wise people to share their ideas, understanding and evaluation. As aresult, here it presents a conversation between two such wise people – Mr.Vivek Agnihotri, famous filmmaker, author & public intellectual and MsShefali Vaidya, a famous columnist and a writer. During his visit to WorldHindu Congress, Chicago 2018, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri had the opportunity toconverse many wise people there. He interacted with famous columnist and writerMs Shefali Vaidya on Hinduism; watch here their full conversation 

In his video, Vivek starts with very shocking thing that he & Shefali came across a slogan written on some truck in Chicago that Hindus are the terrorist and they are on mission to kill people worldwide. In accordance to that when Vivek asked Shefali about her experience about the world Hindu Congress, she considered it like Satsang where she got an opportunity meet many intellectual persons and organizations who are working on the humanitarian grounds; they don’t bother about the caste & religion. Some people are working for education, some are working for animal welfare, some people are working for sanitation, etc.

Vivek then quoted Padma Vibhushan Sonal Mansingh how beautifully she narrated India as BHARAT which means Bhav, Rag & Taal. Further he explained that if you don’t have the art & culture, soul then any progress, economic development, etc are worthless. Vivek also quoted Mr. Subhash Kak who wonderfully talked on Astronomy, Science and Artificial intelligence. How modern scientists are using Sanskrit language and benefited from Hindu culture. He also added that most of the reputed scientist across the globe has acknowledged that Sanskrit is the best format for computer languages & computer science.

Vivek and Shefali discussed on so many narratives related to Hinduism, its culture, customs & traditions and how they are significant, how they are useful to grow in modern era; how Indian culture has been helping explaining wonders of the universe and so on.

The entire rationale to have this conversation was to spread the real knowledge, real facts & real things related to oldest live civilization – Hindu civilization; because today there is a trend to criticize & offend this great culture. Watch the full video of their conversation on various narratives and have the wonderful insights about our culture. Stay connected with #IAmBuddha page – https://iambuddha.net/ where you can read so many such latest articles, newsfeed & blogs.  

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