Good Creativity Needs Good Marketing: Vivek Agnihotri in conversation with Amish Tripathi


It is said that good creativity needs good marketing; and what could be the better marketing than having the conversation between two wise men?

The famous filmmaker, eminent author and brave orator Mr. Vivek Agnihotri converses with Amish Tripathi on what Hinduism is. Amish Tripathi needs no introduction but Vivek very wisely introduces him that Amish is a full fledge package – an investment banker, a great story teller, an intense devotee, author of best seller titles and above all a good strategist.  Watch the full video of what Vivek has more to say about Amish, listen to their full conversation here –

Vivek acknowledges Amish for having fantabulous marketing skills he is having; according to Vivek, marketing is necessary because if you are not able to pass on the message of yours to mass, then it serves no purpose. Vivek here tries to seek from Amish that his marketing strategy was the need based strategy or he didn’t have any other option; Amish very beautifully explained that there are two different things – one is to make a movie or to write a book and other is to market them. When you are creating something then completely surrender to the process of creation, be schizophrenic and just follow your heart; but once when the marketing starts, be very much rational & pragmatic. According to Amish, he makes the marketing strategy document first (that’s what he has learned in his MBA study & during corporate experience). You have to be rationale because the creation cannot be changed because it’s sacred, so to do justice with your creation, you have to be rationale with your marketing commotions.

In accordance to the marketing strategy of a book, Amish advised to keep three things in mind –

  • What is the target market (who will read this book?)
  • What is the message for that targeted market?
  • What is the media to reach to them?

Here, Vivek shared his experience of marketing his sensational film Buddha in a traffic jam where it was not being released and how he tried using social media and what kind of the experiences he had.

Amish, in favour of marketing, said that good marketing helps even bad products to be sold quicker. But to sustain in the market – you need both – good product & good marketing. Ethical marketing says that the product you market should fulfil the need of consumer (here, reader or spectator).

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