What is Hinduism?: Vivek Agnihotri in conversation with Amish Tripathi at WHC


Vivek Agnihotri, the famous filmmaker & newest author, visited Chicago recently for the World Hindu Congress (WHC) where meets the successful banker, creative writer and an intense personality Amish Tripathi.  They converse on defining the Hinduism. Vivek very beautifully complimented him that people charge on Amish that he has made the Hinduism so cool. Amish also wisely replies that Hinduism has been cool since beginning, he has put just a little effort to prove that.

Vivek asks Amish despite of people being indifferent to religion, history and ancient culture of Hinduism are attracted to buy his books and read them so interestingly. Amish quoted some of the ancient cultures of the world which vanished; only the Indian civilization, Hinduism is still alive. The reason behind that is we have not left the core (central idea / philosophy) of it and we have always altered the interpretations to make them more relevant time to time. To prove his proclamation Amish gives an example of Ramayana. According to him, if we ask anybody about the Laxman Rekha then they are aware about it because it was shown in the Ramayana serial in 80s; and this serial was based on the Ramcharit Manas by Tulsidas; but if you refer the ancient facsimile of Valmiki Ramayana then you won’t find the concept of Laxman Rekha; what Tulsidas has done was the relevant alteration so as to make it the most significant preserving the core idea of Ramayana.

Watch their full conversation here, how Amish & Vivek define the Hinduism –

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Further Amish talks on the new generation and their characteristics; they want everything cool; so why the religion, the culture, the traditions can’t be cool? Because if they won’t find them cool then they want follow them.   He then referred some famous personalities like Sri Sri Ravishanker ji, Baba Ramdev, etc who preaches in manner that people find them so cool and therefore they follow them.

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