Vivek Agnihotri Addresses Senior Doctors & Intellectuals in Research Triangle, North Carolina



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Vivek Agnihotri, Filmmaker & Author, has been the city guest in Research Triangle at Raleigh, North Carolina where he started his speech with a humour that in America if people are attending any such seminar or programme then it means they are very passionate; passionate about something i.e. either the host or the speaker; or may be both.

He was invited to address the senior doctors and intellectuals there about his intense research on the Naxalism, Indian Civilization and other such sensitive issues. Vivek very politely disclaimed being a research scholar, an academician or an intellectual. He proclaimed being an ordinary but sensible man. In accordance to what he said, he quoted a story from Panchtantra about a boatman. A boatman used to be an average illiterate man earning his livelihood by taking people from one bank to the other bank of the river. Once an intellectual, a wise man rides his boat with lots of books and notes. He proclaims to be super intellectual that he knows about the universe, astronomy, philosophy, etc and advices boatman to gain equal amount of knowledge. He disregards him saying he is wasting his life like an animal. Coincidently, during that conversation the boat gets stuck in the vortex and starts sinking. The boatman asks that intellectual that can you swim. The intellectual man denies by saying that he didn’t get time learning swimming as he devoted his all the time in learning. The boatman said him to read astronomy book then and jumps into the river to save his own life. Lastly, Vivek compares himself with that boatman who has succeeded to save his life by jumping in river and swam away. He said that he is a story teller and he utters his story.

You can watch his entire speech to listen to more such narratives and his wisdom came out of his own experience.

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