Vivek Agnihotri talks about पदयात्रा of #UrbanNaxals in Bastar


2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti, it is the birthday of our राष्ट्रपिता Mahatma Gandhi. This auspicious day has been just one more national holiday since decades. But now people (so called intellectuals) have learned encashing it.

So called intellectuals (especially from Political fraternity) look forward to these days as one of the opportunities which can give leverage to them / their parties for all the drama & pretence they do on such days.

Famous filmmaker, bold orator & newest author Mr. Vivek Agnihotri came to know about such a facade and he tweeted on this on social media.  “Today many #UrbanNaxals are doing a पदयात्रा in Bastar. This drama is nothing but a sinister plot to regain sympathy and incite psychological conflict and violence. Pl read the names. I am sure you know some of them.”

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