Vivek Agnihotri’s Speech at High Commission of India, London



Vivek Agnihotri, the distinguish filmmaker & author, visits London and addresses at High Commission of India at the launch of ‘#UrbanNaxals’. Vivek Agnihotri has written a book on sensitive issue of Naxalism and launched his brain child #UrbanNaxals; post its launch, #UrbanNaxals, due to its sensitive subject matter, has been in a prominence and became the fastest best selling title. Post that author Vivek Agnihotri has been on touring nationwide and then worldwide for the awakening on this sensitive issue.

The eminence of this book #UrbanNaxals and its author Vivek Agnihotri has reached to UK and therefore there was an event organized for the book launch in high commission of India, London. On this occasion, Mr. Vivek Agnihotri initiated talking on the Oldest, the longest, continuous and perhaps the most liberal civilization – the Indian civilization.  Vivek also talked about the purpose of life; he told that he has been contributing in the Indian cinema by giving what the audience actually wanted to see and hear; this has made him trapped in mediocrity. This thought led him to change his profession and he entered in teaching. He picked up subject Indian civilization and thereby tried making a platform for global leadership. He then recalled his experience working with Indian school of business, Hyderabad – one of the 10 best business schools in the world. Watch out here entire speech of Vivek Agnihotri on his experience at Hyderabad –

Vivek also talked on two faces of youth – one who believes in breaking entire nation bases on castes & groups, doing riots, burn busses and throwing stones on assemblies where as the other part is working very hard in India and outside India to make the nation proud. It is entirely your choices that which face of youth you want to represent.

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Moreover, there are many more interesting narratives and elaborations captured in wonderful book #UrbanNaxals. To know more about the book #UrbanNaxals and to get your copy, click on this link –

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