A thought Leader Mohandas Pai, chairman, Manipal Universities speaks on #UrbanNaxals


#UrbanNaxals – the newest best seller title has not been a book anymore but turned into an inducement which has attracted many intellectuals to talk about it. In such an event at Crossword, Bangalore a thought leader Mr. Mohandas Pai, chairman, Manipal Universities addressed the crowd.

With reference to this best seller title #UrbanNaxals, he asks everybody, how come all of sudden we have become intolerant, anti-minority, anti-national, anti-human, anti-development and unable to think for ourselves. Why all lands and temples of Hindus are run by government and no other religions’ institutions are not being interfered by government. Mr. Pai raised many such sensitive questions and issues in the book launch event of #UrbanNaxals.

Follow this link to listen what Mr. Pai talks about the burning issues of the nation and nationwide conspiracy which is never brought into our attention –

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC4gc53qLiI” /]

Mr. Pai proclaims that the book #UrbanNaxals is the answer to above burning issues and he congratulates Mr. Vivek Agnihotri, the author of this book for bringing out the true narrative in form of this wonderful best seller title. Mr. Pai beautifully connected this narrative to the freedom movement initiated, conducted and run by the ordinary Indian who magnificently contributed in making India free; they all projected for the ideal country where there would be equality, freedom and equilibrium, there will be justice given to everybody and education will be for everybody. But somehow we couldn’t make it; so what happened, what went wrong, why we couldn’t bring that symmetry in the country. According to Mr. Mohandas Pai, the best seller title #UrbanNaxals has the answers of all of these.

To know about many such narratives, click on the link above to listen to him; if you want to explore the narrative of the book #UrbanNaxals then get your copy by clicking this link – http://amzn.in/9Rqrsa9

#UrbanNaxals is also available on Amazon, Flip kart and major book-stores.

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