Vivek Agnihotri Speaks to Rahul Roushan on newest best seller #UrbanNaxals


What happens when two intellectuals converse on something? The newest author, distinguished filmmaker and brave orator Mr. Vivek Agnihotri speaks to Rahul Roushan, the serial entrepreneur, Founder – Faking news, OpIndia on Vivek’s brain-child & newest bestseller #UrbanNaxals.

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Rahul Roushan continues asking the aggravating questions to Vivek; in his words, “do film maker still have the CDs of Korean & other movies?”, then he took the reference of #UrbanNaxals and read out its page and probed that is it an economic issues which is being dealt with a social approach?

Mr. Vivek, as written in his book, Naxalism started actually with good intentions, its cause was noble, but gradually it deviated. People talk about the empowerment of socially suppressed people, but what about the economically suppressed (not necessarily socially suppressed too) people’s empowerment?

Mr. Vivek also says that Justice cannot be retrospective and personal.

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