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Vivek Agnihotri, the newest author, brave orator and eminent film-maker finally takes charge of mike at the event of his first book – #UrbanNaxals. This man doesn’t forget to express his gratitude towards a gentleman Mr. Hari Kiran ji for his selfless efforts.

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Mr. Vivek bravely revealed that he has been kind of Naxal during his college days; he used to be among like minded people and used to burn buses, throw stones on parliament, etc and has been in Jail for one night. So he thinks he better would understand the creed of Naxals; and that made him to come out this book #UrbanNaxals.

Mr. Vivek Agnihotri very briefly narrated his journey of life how came to Delhi and indulged into advertisement industry, went to USA – stayed among people who were capitalist; how all of sudden he entered Bollywood. In his tenure in Bollywood, Mr. Vivek found himself being trapped in the system having mediocre ideology where Indian themes and Indian stories were knowingly-unknowingly neglected. He tried making commercial films but then he realized that it was not his purpose of life and he entered in teaching and started helping people to find their Buddha (curriculum was known as I am Buddha). He has been teaching in top business schools out of one used to be in Hyderabad. The idea of this theme was implanted in his mind unknowingly when a student came to him and seeks help for making his documentary on Naxals under his CSR project. Mr. Vivek has been intellectually aware of Naxal & Naxalism but he never bothered about it until that student seeks for help.

Then Mr. Vivek digs deep and meets an IG of Bastar and request for the reports as a part of his research on Naxals. The instantaneous IG gave him the report that every year 11,000 cr rupees are extorted only from Baster region (not even Red corridor), with no surprise Mr. Vivek responded that yes it’s obvious that these money is the source of their arms, ammunitions and other resources. Then IG questioned him, without arms & ammunitions how you are going to extort money in this huge proportion. Mr. Vivek was left no answer then IG explained him that sources are external for this funding. Moreover these 11,000 cr rupees come to urban areas; this was revealed when police caught one intellectual person – Asst. Professor Sai baba was arrested and his strategic document was derived according to which by 2025 they want to abolish the states of India and capture urban areas and their dwellers with arm revolution. To do so they need to capture the minds of urban dwellers and this can be achieved by various means – i) provoke labours to stop machines ii) legal activism (creating so much hurdles or obstacles for progress or growth to happen by using tactics of law and compliances) iii) intellectual, media and influencers and last iv) provoking students.

Here Mr. Vivek elaborated this point by giving his own example that how Naxals provoke students. Mr. Vivek’s father used to be celebrated Sanskrit scholar, a die-hard Gandhian who wore khadi all over his life; his both of the parents were freedom fighters and stayed back in Jail for 3-4 years each; so how come their son – Vivek became half Naxal in his college days? The reason is the teachers and professors who take them into confidence that they are living into rotten system and only way to get rid of it is violence and abolish the state; and thereby people become anti-Indian.

That’s how he made a film based on this theme – Buddha in traffic Jam and being it a controversial subject no distribution channel touched it to release. Mr. Vivek was left alone; there were no friends, no money, etc. Then he made up his mind that why to depend on the distribution channel? He thought it is a story and not a film; therefore he approached JNU but they rejected that situation is not favourable so it cannot be shown. But then he came to know from his trusted sources, that JNU is going to show film Aligarh; Mr. Vivek, on this, furious and responded back that if Aligarh is fit to your narrative is being shown then Buddha in a traffic jam must be shown to them. On every moment Mr. Vivek was being discouraged by not being supported; here Mr. Anupam Kher (renowned Bollywood actor and lead character of the film) preached Mr. Vivek that your film is not the box office item or meant to be commercially successful; it’s purpose is to awaken people and if only person is become aware about this Naxalims then your purpose is fulfilled.

After a lot of struggle the film was shown and 4,000 to 5,000 people watched it on road, sitting on trees, from terraces and car tops. Then Mr. Vivek visited 45 universities in 30 days where he got mixed response. He was attacked and his shoulder was also broken but he didn’t stop. He kept travelling small towns of India and then he realized that the biggest sin we have committed in last 70 years is that we have not given importance to the small town and middle class people of this country.

Finally Mr. Vivek gave example of Indian people when they go overseas they are the most popular, most hardworking, ethical and preferred ethnicity to live with. He then also talked about his 147,000 km road trip by car in 2 months where he has been witnessed the development and growth in India has occurred over the past years. He lastly preached to recognize, understand, respect and live Indian values and become rational about any narrative you even come across. This is the only way as of now to counter #UrbanNaxals.

He advised youth to beware of invisible enemies of India. He also invites youth and people to debate and converse with him on this topic. But to do so you have to read this wonderful book #UrbanNaxals.

If you have still not read this book then order your copy here by clicking this link –

Catch Vivek Agnihotri, the renowned film maker & newest author during his India tour for the promotion of his book #UrbanNaxals. Meet & greet him and get the signed copy of this book.

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