Makarand Paranjape speaks at Book launch of #UrbanNaxals


Professor Makarand Paranjape, JNU also grabbed chance to speak at the book launch of eminent filmmaker & newest author Mr. Vivek Agnihotri who came out with superb book #UrbanNaxals.

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Professor Makarand, very humbly, proclaimed himself a literature student and praised & acknowledged Mr. Vivek Agnihotri for giving a new word to English language – #UrbanNaxals. This way, he very wisely praised Mr. Vivek that creative people, great authors, poets and intellectuals hold this skill to give entirely a new dimension to language this way.

Mr. Makarand Paranjape also told that #UrbanNaxals is not just a book or a phrase or a word; rather it is a concept, it is a story and it is a critical issue to be dealt with care. #UrbanNaxals talks about the people in the remote area who are suppressed, victim of some injustice or discrimination and totally abandoned by the mainstream. Therefore, #UrbanNaxals is all about building a nation we aspire to build ideally. Mr. Makarand Paranjape also proclaims that after reading this book you will feel energized and enthused to fight against all odds that come across your way on daily basis. Here, he also gave reference of Mr. Vivek’s film Buddha in traffic Jam made on the same theme.

He also acknowledged Garuda Prakashan for publishing this book; he also talked on the significance of venue where the book launch has held. Mr. Makarand Paranjape also talked on the Inner revolution and outer evolution. He ended his spectacular speech with a quote from Bhawani Mandir – “what is a nation, what is a mother country? It is not a piece of earth. Not a fiction of mind; it is a mighty Shakti. Just as Bhawani mahishasur mardini.”  Here, he wisely associated this quote to Naxals’ ideology that they seek for a week state which can be manipulated by the external forces, exploited economically and fragmented & divided societies. This is a conspiracy and they have set the deadline for this – 2025. Lastly, Mr. Makarand expressed his faith in the people of India and their discretion that we all strive to make their conspiracy defeated.


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