Kanchan Gupta speaks on Naxalism at Vivek Agnihotri’s book launch #UrbanNaxals


#UrbanNaxals – the wonderful book written by newest author & prominent film maker Mr. Vivek Agnihotri, succeeded in being endorsed by one more intellectual person Mr. Kanchan Gupta, Senior Journalist.

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Mr. Gupta shared his experience that in his early days, in late 1992-early 1993, because of his sensational writing, petition was raised that he should be debarred from writing in any news paper or media. How Mr. Gupta was supported by his editor Mr. Mehta for his brave writing and how he had to pay the price by resigning from job. Post Mr. Mehta, some new editor took over who was just a kind of puppet of promoters. He shared one more incident where he wrote a comparison between two ideologies “Ram-rajya” v/s “Rom-rajya” and how his editor was being intimidated by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s PA. Frightened editor tried to threaten Mr. Gupta for his brave & sensational writing which Mr. Gupta didn’t bother and left job. And by quoting these two incidents he then compared this to Mr. Vivek Agnihotri’s situation; he preached him that truth, bravery, creativity and confrontation are always questioned.

Mr. Gupta then took everybody to the root of Naxalism and shared his wisdom how this concept came into the picture. He also put stress that now days it is nothing more than Worst possible interpretation of us about bringing revolution. Mr. Gupta sarcastically torn apart the so called intellectuals who support such movements. He differentiated between intellectual & public intellectual species of mankind. He very wisely proclaimed such public intellectual as useful idiots.

Mr. Gupta also wisely advised and shared his grievance in presence of Hon. Minister of GOI, Mrs. Smriti Irani that despite of being in the ruling party for 4 years, we have not even begun a parallel economy or create a system where we all can come together as a civilian of India and take a stand against the termites which Vivek Agnihotri talked about in his book – #UrbanNaxals. And to take a stand one need to be a BJP supporter or a congress supporter; one need to be an awaken citizen. Mr. Gupta very bravely proclaimed that some politicians come from such classes where they are empathetic to such Naxals; but at the same time he gave the credit to Modi Government and Home minister Mr. Rajnath Singh that their strong steps have crushed maaoist menace.

Finally Mr. Gupta concluded by telling that casualties will happen but it’s time to fight back against these hostile elements. He then congratulated Mr. Vivek Agnihotri for coming out with this breathtaking subject and thereby contributing in mass awakening. Mr. Gupta lastly urged everyone to read this book and augment their understanding about this crucial subject.

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