Sudhir Chaudhary’s fearless speech at Vivek Agnihotri’s book #UrbanNaxals launch


#UrbanNaxals – the masterpiece from prominent filmmaker Mr. Vivek Agnihotri continues hitting the social media and the succeeded in being in the lime light even almost a week after of its successful launch. #UrbanNaxals has been fortunate enough to get intellectual critics who have been kept sharing their views and feedbacks on #UrbanNaxals.

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It will be injustice if we don’t mention Mr. Sudhir Chaudhary, Editor in Chief who shared his views on #UrbanNaxals at the book launch. Mr. Sudhir started with Mr. Vivek Agnihotri’s struggle story and praised him that he is a brave man having the revolutionary thoughts and therefore Mr. Sudhir has been his silent supporter so far. According to Mr. Sudhir, revolutionary, brave & creative people like Vivek Agnihotri are very less and that’s why they should be promoted and supported. He very wisely said that supporting Mr. Vivek Agnihotri (rather I’d say the ideology which he follows), is considered as biased journalism and it’s proclaimed that the journalism is slowing turns into ideology of communism and nationalism. Here Mr. Sudhir wisely used satire that still in this country, to be communist or nationalist is not accepted and once has to pay the price of being so.

Mr. Sudhir gave the sugar coated capsules that being an intellectual in India means one need to have good command over English and an ability to oppose what’s going on. E.g. being a supporter of naxals, supporting terrorists like Afzal Guru, condemning Indian army for so called outrage they are doing in Kashmir, etc. He also said that such people are recognized and entertained nationally. They come out with their destructive thoughts in form of books, videos or speeches and they are easily awarded with Padm Bhushan or Padm Vibhushan; at the same time Mr. Sudhir, in a sarcastic way, warned Vivek Agnihotri that however you’ve come out with sensitive issue, whatever you do but you are not going to be awarded a single recognition for your contribution in a form of this book. Because the so called community of intellectual people (who are actually going to give you certificate to you as an Author) are not going to believe in this book. Mr. Sudhir took a reference of Vivek’s film on the same theme – #Buddha in traffic Jam, and said that entire nation is trapped in such traffic jam according this film.

Here, Mr. Sudhir cited his experience of his conversation with BBC’s Middle East bureau chief; Mr. Sudhir asked him that to what extent you can question the British government. The bureau chief of BBC replied that if it’s matter of nation’s survival then we have to stand beside the government else in other circumstances we can ask anything to the government. Then he compared this phenomenon to our survival situation and very wisely talked on so called intolerance campaign started by self declared intellectuals. Then he also talked about the polarization of media that either they are with ruling party or with opposition; but nobody thinks to stand beside the people of the nation.

Mr. Sudhir then explained that these antisocial or destructive elements have succeeded in preparing the effective narratives and therefore people are buying their narratives and they are getting sympathy day by day; being an awaken civilian, we have to rationalize it and stop it. Mr. Sudhir, to support his argument here, gave the example of JNU verdict happened some time ago and how they were put in trouble when they tried to show truth behind this and dared to raise question on this. So called intellectuals raised question on ethics of journalism and condemn them like anything and lastly proclaimed them disqualified for doing the rational journalism.

Here, Mr. Sudhir also torn apart the current unethical practices of Media by deciding the headlines based on castes & religion of people associated with the occurrence. He then put stress on building a strong and positive narrative, Narrative of India. Then again he supported Mr. Vivek Agnihotri’s book #UrbanNaxals that it has come out with such a strong narrative which we all must go through and substantiate it according to our power of discretion.

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